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What we need to know begins with an energetic  show of hands when asked, “What are  you interested in today?”   Great way to begin a meeting and assembly of like minds,  but then he rethinks the whole thing.  This is the Internet, and how are we supposed to know what an individual needs, without asking directly and taking into consideration, a detailed answer.  Impossible to treat any of this as legitimate, and is unfair to depend on an educated guess.   




We have so much variation in the people we meet online.  What we need to know is like taking a bite-sized portion of morning life at the breakfast table, and make it last all day, and fit every situation.  “Bonkers.”  I say.  What we need to know, is the motivation for continuing on as he will do, in his daily blog.  Need to Know.  And.  “Don’t ask and don’t tell.”  Handles it perfectly.  Boils down to this:  hard-boiled egg and fatally cracked.  Soft boiled and leaking all over my plate.  In the end I decide I am not hungry and leave the table before any of this becomes an issue.



Begins at the breakfast table, but suddenly picks up again when it is said.  “Hang a Right, slow down and gradually blend in.”  Physical imperative and that is what we need to know.  Physical and an accidental interruption could be deadly.  Not here to get hurt, and that rings a bell for me.  Something I need to know in life.  “Do No Harm.”




 Tragedy and Happiness side by side in the south-bound lane, and suddenly it dawns on me,  not here to describe the death of the good life, and so is something I plan to avoid.  Tragic can wait.  Happy should happen now.  And am sure this is rhetoric versus reality, and truth is, we never know.  What we need to know often comes with hindsight and after the event has occurred. “If I had to do this over.”  He said.   




But have no idea if he would have turned left, instead of right, or just keep going in the direction of traffic. “ Keep going.  Don’t slow down.”  Maybe if I could see it and replay it in real time,  I would have kept my mouth shut and not do this thing they now call, Back Seat Driving.   At the time it seems the thing to do.  Turn on the map and GPS and just relay the instructions to the driver.  Now I am thinking. 


 “Best to not ask or offer one’s opinion.  What we need to know, is the true value of silence and when is the proper time to break that silence. “




 Want to get tickets and have a front row seat.  Want quality of life and plenty of entertainment as life goes on.  Need to have an image and a vision of what will work for me, but then I think.  There is no reason to know what happens next.  Need to know sounds like it might benefit me, but then again poverty comes with having too much information as we speed ahead, oblivious to what is waiting just around the curve.  Rags to riches is similar to tragedy and happiness side by side.  Avoiding the tragedy part comes with knowing the proper lane to be in.  But then again, it all happens so quickly.  Accident or foregone conclusion.  Right turn onto a one-way street and before you know it.  Head On Collision.  Possibility of injury or death.  And he asks himself.  What do we need to know, when something such as this occurs.  Honest Mistake.  It happens.




Edible marijuana and what we need to know to protect the kids, or a total stranger, when in my car.  Infused and potent.  This need to know.  Don’t think it matters if we are in Colorado or Washington State, where recreational marijuana is sold.  To be so bold I will say.  “Proceed with caution.”   No longer a conversation for morning and tea and breakfast table.  




 Has trickled down to The Court Room and even see it in the news banners appearing as daily news.  Comes in a variety of forms, this tragedy and happiness, side by side.  From candy and baked goods to trail mix, and even in one’s coffee as the vehicle picks up speed.  Social and behavioral and a chance for misuse.  Legal and recreational and was out to have a little fun.  Was in the car and it was offered.  Pick-me-up snack break and wasn’t thinking  neuro-cognitive, nor local dimensions of mental health  and the possibility of further substance-related problems.  Now I am thinking,  it would not have mattered.  Right Turn.  Left Turn.  Straight ahead.  In the car and going too fast.  That’s what the report said.  Looking back it occurs to me.  Lot of concerns I never considered before.  What I need to know, and now I say.  “Are you kidding me.”  Jail time and loss of driver’s license for 5 years.  Young person growing old in the light of consequences suddenly turned real.  Tragedy and Happiness side by side, and is no longer important to ask.


 “What did you have for breakfast.   What did you eat? “




Leftovers shaped like candy and there is a concern now.  Read the label or ask somebody.  “Does this contain marijuana?”  What we need to know, when unintentional exposure gets us in trouble.    Happened and reading the label didn’t help when I didn’t know what I was looking for or dealing with.  Recreational and was meant to be fun.  Time out and somehow it didn’t occur to me.  In the car, and half-baked.  Product implications were overwhelming.  Put it in my mouth and did so without knowing what is in the product.  Giving directions based on looking at my smart phone.  Delusional.  And didn’t know why.  “Shit Happens.”  And is something I wanted to repeat.  “Be careful what you eat.”    But my lawyer said, 

  “Keep quiet.  I will present your case.”






So now it is over.  Best to not talk about it.  Lessons learned by experience in life lived.  Leap over one thing, and land somewhere else.  Best to be careful and not get too high.  Leap and do so with energy.  Joint or bong or edible.  Results are the same.  First time for everything.  Nothing to compare this with.  Complicated and now I know.



“Abstain.  Else, there will be repercussions.”  Is okay to just get up from the breakfast table and say.  “Not hungry.”  Is okay to know your limits and not snack between meals.  Edible and easy to ingest.  Happens before you know it, when out in a crowd, having fun with the crew.  Quickly absorbed into the bloodstream and then goes to the brain.  It happens.  Recreational but now we know.  Food administered as a drug.  It happens.  And if you are in the car, it could be dangerous. Even when you are not the driver.  Now I know.  And have served my time.  But now for the next 5 years, will be walking everywhere.  No driving.  And when in the car, am quiet and almost invisible. 

   “Be careful what you eat.”  I whisper to no one in particular.




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  1. notthinking

    Stonehead, did you take an apple from the creepy lady in the woods again?

    March 22, 2017