A Slightly Twisted Take

A Slightly Twisted Take
Mental cover and hard-bound wrap on an internal sense of things slightly twisted propels me into another day,  with you looking over my shoulder and reading between the lines to discover the hidden meaning of life as he reveals it.  Wired together with a surge of current that excites the molecules and promotes space between us, is scripted a play of sorts, out of focus and slight twisted, and this will be my take on the rising tide and the tsunami that follows.  Is a warning.  Don’t be smug and certainly not content with today’s offering.  Comes with Slightly Twisted Take on things.  And is my blog title for today, just to give a hint of what might be contained within.  Mental cover and hard-bound wrap and he hopes to protect himself as the day unfolds and the unique nature of things are exposed in secondary light, eclipsed by a greater power, unseen.
There is an urge to ingest something more than comfort food, and eating comes with the necessity of staying alive, but he knows there must be more.  Holy Grail of Life and he is challenged by the blessing that is invoked by the intake of Mac and Cheese.   Life has many channels and side-dish servings, and seen on reality TV is not all there is.  Hence the sense of his slightly twisted take on all things savory and good. Quality of Life and the ingredients that are seen on the table are but a visual hint of what might be expected, and yet he benefits, even when`  life as he knows it is impaired.
“Slightly Twisted.”  He declares but in a quiet way that disguises the true meaning of things.  Unlimited and unanswered is the sense of meaning in the presentation that makes its way into daylight and into consciousness.  Is something to be considered and remembered, how we arrived here on this day and are embedded in a certain state-of-mind.  “Complicated.”  He said.  “Mac and Cheese.”
Something is missing.  We are not being told what we really need to know.  The special guest and ingredient in all of this is surprise.  GMO and my thoughts are altered and modified.  Who am I to tell you this?  GMO-personality and comes with a slightly twisted take on life.  Feel this at the base of my inner core, the changes within.  Blame it on Mac and Cheese.   I am what I eat.  Like to go to 5-star restaurants in blue jeans and sandals.  In the end, I pay.
Comes with the label, genetically modified organism, and over time I have become indifferent to the talk of others and what is said about my twisted ways.  “He’s different.”  Fact Check and it is known.  Quality of Life under the cover of darkness is the special link between us.  Rising sun and much is exposed, but still we realize something is missing and we are not being told what we really need to know.
What is it that is not being revealed?  Seems to be an expert system point of view that I am missing.  Want to get more out of life and out of this discussion.  “What did you do last night?  Is there something you are not telling me?  Do I need to know?”  What is the point of all this inquiry?  Fact Checking and no matter what: Will the situation we are faced with improve?  He thinks.  “Probably not.”  Which leads down the path that has me asking.     “Wake up.  Do you know what time it is?”
Thinking about breakfast and what comes next.  Mounting an offensive that comes with a compass and map to pinpoint what it is I need.  Coffee and toast and is a good start.  Energy-inducing intake and it has to do with the science of nutrition and my ups and downs and mood-swings.  Personalized and performed by me, there is a pattern in all of this.  What goes up, must come down in a gravity-driven environment and society.  What is ingested must come out.  Holy Crap and by just knowing this, I am elevated in my ordering of animal status.  It helps me in so many ways, just knowing more.  Another day on earth and will be a time of mixing and mastering the little things, to come up with a sound of importance and a voice that brings understanding to all that read this blog and his slightly twisted take on things.  Amplified and made more significant when added to the base ingredient.  Mac and Cheese.
Wonky-ways and the imperative to kill the white noise and head congestion that comes with a weird cough.  End of winter and what did we expect?  Brain hurts.  Back is out of alignment and slightly twisted.  Kind of lonely, but am working on that.  Won’t make an issue of such things, but have my antenna out, searching for the downside of everything on the up-swing of sophistication and complexity.  Seeking company and a useful strategy for beneficial growth.   What is missing has become a sore point for me and find it essential now to educate myself on that.  Out of the lab and into the factory, where thoughts are packaged and understanding is delivered to the delight of all, waiting in the bread-line.  No longer a mystery, I am feeling better now.  Activity will make me feel better, and going for a walk will enhance the presented moment in ways unknown to me just now.  “Make it happen.  Put distance between us.  Be safe.”
Comes as an iconoclast bearing gifts, and he wants to impart the wisdom of his ways.  Yet, in the crowd of participants is an opinion that varies with the temperature in the Arctic Circle, too far away to measure and be significant.  Even so, it is known:  Democracy and freedom of choice exists.  He has no desire to inflict harm or injury and suffering is not to be dispersed without considerable fore-thought.  Wants to demonstrate greatness and sincerity.  Wants to end this blog and conversation by leaving this with you.  “Be careful what you eat.”   Mac and Cheese.


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