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All Or Nothing
I have an hour to kill.  Means I have time on my hands and is disposable power and energy and effort that is my resource.  One hour and it will be devoted to a blog .  Wanted to call it:  All Or Nothing Person, but wanted enough people to read to make it all worthwhile.  Have learned over the last 10 years of blogging, that the title is important, and like pictures or graphics on a can or cover of a book, can make a big difference.  So am staying away from my first choice, which means that this might be a first person narrative,  A or B Person.  And it might well be, but will not start with that as my intent.  All or Nothing says to me:  All that remains between point A  and point B can be described as bullshit or trivial pursuit.
Diminished over a gradual line of the visible to the invisible.  Extremist position and is either one or the other, without consideration of all that falls between to make the structure viable:  beginning and End, without consideration of the bridge material between these two points.  So Extreme and will consider how to blog about this:  All or Nothing.
So what does All-or-Nothing say about you?  Don’t know you and have tried to not make this personal, but really was told to write about things you know or have first-hand knowledge about. MEE.  MEE.  Close encounter of the personal kind.  Start with personal and end with ‘nothing’, might make sense when we are kind enough to say, “seems like me, but in the end, will be without a body, and wonder if you will just stop giving me your attention, at that point.”   But then I read, “Oh my departed one, I think about you every day.  Have memories.  Read the books and blogs you wrote.”
And All-or-Nothing as one important meeting point comes alive, and it pleases me when I think, “It happens.”  Chronic dissatisfaction with the state I am in.  But that isn’t what I was really going to write about, as I seek a positive position here, and in life.  So leave me out of the conversation and see if we can still have an interesting discussion carried on by means of blog and words and a fair exchange.  All or Nothing logic and it comes from me.  Not extremist but influenced by my environment and occurrences of the time I was a material force in life.
Thrill of the chase, and he likes to see you as you are.  Face to Face and has made serious decisions and commitments to reinforce this for-instance.  Time Change and the world is not perfect for the all-or-nothing approach he has lived with since his time began.  Regressing to the Dark Ages and before technology gave us The Internet and hand-held smartphones, and instant communication, remote and at a distance.  Followed by Skype and Hangout and other social media that allows communicating face-to-face, but without physical touching.
Personal interaction and has many of the elements of his old world, but without the spontaneous moment of the kiss, face to face.  Not that sealed and delivered is important, with honest proclamation that “…the check is in the mail.  Just wait for it.”, is tried and true and they fall for it every time.    Never as good as the spontaneous interaction between two individuals, but will settle for it, if that is all there is.  All-or-nothing, and the impact of the message might be:  take it or leave it.  No compromise.  This is how our world is now, and have no ability or time or resources to jump between screen and you, to make this kiss seem like the real deal.
And so we improvise.  Use social media to convey what once was an intimate exchange between two people.  Don’t think like that now.  Invisible Kiss and means very little to me.  Like I write something, and instantly see a tally of like indicators.  10 people liked what I wrote.  Not sure if the rest of humanity just hates me, or the things I said, or what?  Not sure if I am living in an all-or-nothing environment now, and must be satisfied with what comes to me.  Like-Messages and maybe that is positive.  Not sure.
Strange reckoning for the guy who has always wanted a face to face involvement with others.  If you like me,  just show up and venture a kiss.  Something tangible I can relate with.  Smiley faces and Like-Indicators and Lip Service at a distance, and I am thinking:   All-or-Nothing is what we are dealing with now.  “It’s like the real you being photo-shopped and sent out.”  Between you and I, but then the whole world gets involved, and somehow I feel violated.
“ Not happy to be with you, this way.”  Little by little you learn to not trust people, and the new infrastructure.  Becomes unreal, and you stage a protest and fight for things that no longer exist.  You stand your ground.  Say it in public:  “All-or-Nothing.  Show up and kiss me.”  Your alternative ways are not doing it for me.  Like buttons and smiley face.  Some place between All or Nothing these things exist, but not for me.  Guess I am old age and stone-ground and very solid on this particular part of our everyday and modern life.  Face-to-face and “kiss me.”, or just go away.”   Is the platform I depend on, and mostly I am alone now.    The good days and we kiss them goodbye.  Such is the life I am experiencing side by side with The Internet and Social Media.  And he says it one more time.
“Not happy to be with you, this way.”  Second Fiddle on a dusty Texas road, and it is as if the sound and the melody do not carry, and is lost somewhere between us.  Guess we can call that the All-or-Nothing Place and just know:  it is not what we are looking for.  That spot on the map where happiness is found and seeing it on the Internet via webcam and screen, well it is just not how I expected it to be.  Face to Face, and a quick kiss.  Now compromised in a shared world that is seen, but not felt. The way we once did it is not the way it is today and Is one of the few regrets I have, just now.
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Comments (4)

  1. wirelessguru1

    June 30, 2017
  2. dincali

    THIS made me cry.
    in fact i HAD to sign on, just to comment on this post. I feel the emptiness that i gleaned you felt in this world of technology. I too

    June 30, 2017
  3. shemelts


    July 06, 2017
  4. funfreak

    Nothing beats face to face.

    July 07, 2017