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Block And Tackle
Yesterday and it passed uneventfully.  Had in mind to write a blog about the misuse of power and address the wealth of nations, misspent.  But did not, and that blog does not appear out of thin air or any other way at my disposal.  Instead I am up early and with enough energy to write and post.  Not sure if I will stand behind my words and deed accomplished, or take to the wind and be in flight.  As it is my idea of writing about the misuse of power takes on a different approach and station of thinking. 
Block and Tackle and you might expect a sports-oriented theme, as it is the end of the American footballers season.  Post-season and in the passage of storms and bad weather, the boys are still out there, playing for guts and glory.  Or at least that is what we are told, or insinuated as the status quo with no major change in what we have publicized as the footballers creed.
So not about sports and football, so block and tackle, and he says to himself:  “This will be about the heavy lifting encountered in daily life and routine.”  And once declared, we will just have to see if he sticks to his guns and pushes everything else out of the way, using brute force.  Block and Tackle and we begin.  Assemble the gear and see what it can do.  Block and Tackle Blog and now we must see, if indeed the heavy lifting of topic and word-say will be done in proper order.
Block and Tackle and will it be a labor of love, or his love of the literary approach to processing the moment and his thoughts on what must be done and accomplished.  He mentions brute force and yet is well aware the machines in today’s world are computer-aided and can do more than just heavy lifting.  Block and tackle and lifting stone to make the pyramids of Egypt and that was so yesterday.  Now we have huge cranes and even helicopters that can lift a load into place, like shipping containers on and off the ocean-transport ships.  And feels as if men have been displaced by the new tools and block and tackle has no real place in the conversation. 
But he decided to talk about it, so we will steer the conversation to the fore-ground and see how things stack up, one way or another.  Block and Tackle and does it have a place in our world, or do we just accept that Artificial Intelligence has brought the new wave of human-helpers into the workplace and into our lives.  Not a question, but mention it for what its worth, robotics and displacement. 
Heavy lifting and that was the subject behind the gear,  Block and Tackle and stone walls along the southern and western front or border.  Perhaps stone is obsolete and the wall will happen without it.  Not concrete, and not as solid as the pyramids and the great wall of China, but even so the consideration of weight and importance is not yet dead and swept under the rug and in the grave.  Not yet.  Heavy lifting continues, but no longer has to be the woe and misery of the men.  New ways and technology continues to improve.  He thinks:  A Wall of Laser Light.  Would this prevent me from crossing over and being on the other side?  A wall of light and not stone and he starts to see how block and tackle might be replaced by more sophisticated means.

So I am aware that sells a generic rope pulley block and tackle hoist, but that is not to be the focus of this blog.  Can say with a degree of confidence that Al Gore did not invent the Internet, and that Amazon, the retail bully on the block, did not and will not build a new version of the King’s Tomb using material harvested from meteors passing by the planet earth.  Block and Tackle and is not about amercian football practice, nor about what Amazon, the corporate giant is all about. 


Did notice in the construction of the Corporate office of Amazon’’s new headquarters, located in downtown Seattle, just walking distance from where I live, that the cranes were working night and day over the last year to put steel and glass in vertical high-rise manner above the street I use for daily access to the market place and shops. Heavy lifting it was, but without the block and tackle conversation.  New chapter and verse in the construction industry and is simply amazing what is possible in 2017.  Block and Tackle no more.


Block and Tackle and making a lot of noise on center stage.  Seems this is how we begin 2017 in America with a new crew and president ( POTUS) being installed.  Crazy and wonderful at the same time,  change happens and compels me to be flexible, adjust and get with the program.  Doing so has me coming up with new words and ways to express myself and the situation.  Decided that DUCK would have a place in my world and this blog about block and tackle and tools of the trade.  Duck and now we come to the world of add-ons.  Nothing is left alone.  New and Improved.  Let’s Build a Wall. 
And with that in mind I looked around The Web, for useful information.  Came up with things I didn’t quite understand.  Like Groucho Marks and Duck Soup.  And then added to that found myself on a website :  And this expanded the width and depth of my search for new meaning.  Found out that  is a safe, extensive, educational portal for kids and a place to find a wide choice of content such as interactives, sports, movies, and music.  DUCK  and all the things we find when doing the basic research of search and discover, or in my case search and destroy the old foundation and come up with new ways to express myself.  Use DUCK Words and construct something not in your everyday backyard and environment.

“You can take this tiny tool and shove it.” “DUCK.”  He said.   Suddenly this had me laughing.  In a not so positive way of stating the obvious, I am reminded of the phrase:  “ Take this and shove it where the sun doesn’t shine.”   Heavy lifting and pushing things around, and suddenly I am reminded this way of thinking might take me all the way to The White House where we have just installed a new crew and rough and tumble assembly might just be what comes next.  Block and Tackle and shoving aside the old establishment and ways of a mechanical industrial wasteland, comes Trump and Putin and has me thinking of Berlin and The Wall and other obstructionists that had their way, for a while. 


Did you know:  The Ducksters is a Warner Bros. Looney Tunes theatrical cartoon short animated in 1949 and released in 1950.  Just mentioning this has me chuckling to myself.  Strikes me as funny, even. 


Block and Tackle and have decided not to take on this issue.  So don’t mind new tools that shove me to the curb.  I’m good.  NO heavy resistance or lifting, not for me.

Walls and fences and workers in the trenches and in wonderment, considers what comes next.  How will the dirty work be done?
Thinking about it and needs to express contempt or belligerence: I told them to take the job and shove it.  Did it in a blog and posted it on the internet. In this way, I got the job done, and blended in with the blue collar mentality and crew, now making their way to Washington D.C.  Wrote it.  Posted it.  Got the job done and it pleases me.  Wasn’t pretty, and like a football game played in mud, it was crude and rude, but as they say.  “Just win.” 
The rest doesn’t matter.  It doesn’t matter that block and tackle is almost vulgar in today’s world, and is okay to speak in working man terms.  Vuglar as it may be, it now has a place in today’s landscape.   in fact has an even more vulgar effect: 'Shove it where the Sun don't shine', when we didn’t care for the results of the vote, but have to learn to live with it, because its our system:  democracy and settling difference without violence.  Block and Tackle and get the stuff out of view.  Displace and Replace. 
Heavy stuff, and not talking about Health Care.  It might be dangerous as it is a physical endeavor.  American football.  Played by big mean guys with only one thing on their mind.  “Just Win.”  Doesn’t matter who gets hurt.  Or who gets elected.  Life in 2017 is like a rough and tumble sport we play. And the goal is simple.  Survive the day.  Then build a wall.  Put America back to work. 
Sort of.  
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