Digital Second


Digital Second
The blog I want to write is a work-in-progress, waiting for the perfect moment to spring to life.  Isn’t like this is a life or death situation, and like 9 months of incubation for a new-born, there are things we can do if one is premature or in fact, takes too long to develop and become.  With that in mind,  I seek a mindscape that is proper for the words I hope to place in a body of distinctiveness.  Unique creation and brought to life, it gives me hope that even as the rain falls on a quiet Sunday 3 am morning, the ground will prosper and give way to new growth and new thoughts and new life.  Mindscape and makes me wonder if escape is the word I am really edging towards.  By-product of a busy mind on a dismal rainy day.  Stay inside and find the keyboard and the proper expression for that which is to bloom in spring.
Spring Forward and it took a while, as that was but a clever way to say, “Mess with the timing of the mechanisms of the body by altering light forms and duration.”  Modern society and this is where we are today.  Manipulation and he is hesitant to ask:  “Was it as good for you as it was for me?”  Didn’t cross his mind, this idea of escape.  More likely if its not working over a trial period, and what would that be, uncertain in the umph-degree, as time like many things is being altered and new light or more light or less light is the final outcome.  New partner in life.  It happens.  Second Chance.  And for him, he is proud to announce, “Its digital.”   First Choice as real in life is his preference.  But then comes, Digital Second, as an alternative.  And he is working on it.  A work-in-process.
Digital, but does that mean it lives in the realm of computer perspective.  Second chance and there is more at his disposal, more devices than one can name.  Personal computers are dead or are a dying breed.  “ Disposable.”  He said.  But does he really know what he is talking about.  Can he see the future?  Graphic history of surprise and frustration, as one grows old and the old days are traded in for something new.  It happens.  Lust and discovery and there is always hope.  A second chance to do better.  Early in the day, but he thinks this is the central point here.  By design he promises to do better.  Duration and sustainability and the idea now at this stage of life, is not to create more problems and children, but rather do as she says.  “Let’s have fun.”
One does not have to be a scholar to figure out what is being proposed here.  Perspective shift and what do you have to say, when online and this might be a mind-date falling from a fruit tree.  Foggy in so many ways near water’s edge, and he asks.  “What’s it like where you are?”   Should we merge and re-position ourselves.  Would this fall in place as a digital second?
In the old days it was smudges on paper that  ruined the perfect day.  Not clean copy and the presentation was spoiled.  He didn’t get an “A” for his efforts.  “Keep it clean.” She said.  And he interpreted all that was suggested:  “Be nice.”  And this is when deviation and abstract thinking found its place beside him.  Concepts of universal acceptance and he was working out what it would be like in a perfect world.  “Strong.  Gargantuan.   Big.”   Long time coming and then lost in the moment of second thoughts.   Now digital.  What is satisfying and what is not, and it leaves me no choice but to looking around for alternatives that we both agree:  “This is better.”  Promise me no second chance, unless it is guaranteed to last, and is as you say.  “New and Improved and something I can take home with me.”
Life on steroids and made better by fantasy drugs that are being created in a lab and he decides without much hesitation:  “I would prefer a digital second. “   Second opinion.  Online and shared with others, what would be the perfect thing for us to guarantee contentment and sustainability.  Wants more than a gimmick implant that comes with a free screen saver of a fish tank rolling by.  By grand design he seeks forgiveness and a second chance.   “Digital Second.”  He said.  But what does he mean?  Does he know what he wants?  Does he know what she wants?  Before it is too late, will he know?
Digital and is looking for more than a Beta-Development.  Programmed for success and market sales, from this he is moving on.  Wants something designed for personal use, and wants it to last beyond the current product cycle.  Forgiveness for his blindness that comes with hyper-extended promotion, he just wants to offer something she is looking for, that leads to acceptance and then comfort and finally is sustainable and will be around as long as he is.  Long lasting.  Packaged as a promising alternative to what she already has, he lists his wares as Digital Second, and hopes she knows, exactly what he means.
Misunderstanding is unwelcome, but is easy to see, from a distance and over time that it is not exactly what she had in mind.  In this arena all he has to do is hit the ERASE Button.  Factor in the time and expense of laying out this presentation.  Time and Travel and was done online in the new conference center.  So little is lost when one must retract.  Is the beauty of digital and making a secondary offer in real time.  Mindscape is proactive and one can exit quickly if things are not working out as planned. “Digital Second.”   And adds as if a second thought.  “This might work.”   And hopes he is talking about a real-time feature for his suggestion.  But knows.  He spends a lot of time online and on his devices.  Perhaps this is as real as it gets  in the new world.  For the moment he is open to suggestions.  “What might be better?”
Skewed perspective and replacement algorithm behind the scenes, and he wonders if virtual memory will hold all of this in place.  Digital Second and does this mean he could marry the idea with something real?  Los Vegas bound and as a gambler without reasonable savings, he thinks.  What are my odds for success.  Will I become a people of the second chance and will it be all-digital?   “Hope not.”  He says as he looks for a cab and a way to the airport.  Leaving town with a lot of baggage and some disappointment.  What I had didn’t last.  Turned out to be disposable.  And he wonders,   by moving on will he find what he is looking for?  Digital Second as a last resort.  He has a lot of devices and is connected.  He is thankful for that as he takes out his phone and uses it to hail a taxi.   Moving On.
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