Disparity of the Titans


Disparity Of The Titans
I think it is just me but how would you know for certain, if like me you are an isolationist, and limit the number of people around you, that have any significant role to play in your daily life.  First it occurs to me that I don’t know what I am talking about and what is the meaning of the words I use, to explain myself.  Only thing I know for sure, is I wanted to write a blog, and so it begins.   The adventure.  The activity.    The moment and all he really has to say is, “I don’t know what I am talking about?”
And this might be inaccurate, or is might be the moment’s truth.  He corrects this statement by looking up the meaning online of the word, TITAN.  Now he is aware of the direction he is taking this blog, by clarifying the meaning of the words being use.
Titan:   an extremely important person.  And if you look around too much, it can get all too confusing.   Spin and media control taking over the senses, and suddenly you are back to where you started:  Confused and unaware, but talking and writing and putting it out there, regardless.  This could be the start of something big.  All among us could become a titan, somebody important in another person’s life.  Seen it happen in blogsphere in 2006 and now the legacy of that keeps going, as people drop by my blog and leave a comment.  “You are my favorite.  Is important.  Your blogs and I look forward to your presence here.”
And at first  I took all this as the price one pays for being stubborn and born with an urge to write, post and run away. And so it is and he looks up a word he uses in the title space.  Titan.  God-like.  Powerful.  Influential in a certain field.
And now it is all coming to the moment of simplified clarity.  Disparity of the Titans and he has time and state of mind and ability to write  about it now.    And when done will rest in peace.  Or take a nap.  Or go on as if it is just one of many blogs he has written in his lifetime, and when seen from a blimp over the stadium, where the Alabama football game has just been played for the national championship  ncaa 2016 or is it 2017.  Not sure.  Was the 2016 college football season, but the championship game was played in 2017, so like using the word Titan to talk about important things or people and it all becomes jumbled in the mind and comes out as greek myth transposed, or existential quest for meaning in a human life, and he writes and at first has no idea what it is all about.
Disparity of dynamics that activates an urge from within to find out what his life is all about, and so it comes down to a title and a theme.  Disparity of the Titans and he goes beyond remaking of world order and common understanding and belief.  He pursues his dream and the impulse to write.  It is not important, but he thinks it is.  And why is this?  And he sites FaceBook chapter and verse and relies on what others say and do, for justification.
Back and going into the history of his existence, Mother said while getting him ready for school and implanting daily advice:  “It is your life.  There is no script.  Each of us are unique.  So if you think you are a titan, maybe you are?”   And am not sure how old I was, but asked:  “Titan, mother.  What is that?”     “Important person.”  She said. And then followed up with a kiss and saying,  “And remember son.  You are important to me.  So be careful and considerate and thoughtful.”  What she didn’t say back then:  “ Go write a blog.”
Disparity and difference and is what this blog seems to be going towards.  Somebody else and their life, and in science class they learn, Titan is the largest moon of  Saturn.  And the person next to him in class is talking about a movie:  Clash of the Titans.  And before we know it, we are carrying around so many examples and meaning of a single word.  Dynamics of expansion and planting seeds and writing and well for me, it is poorly understood, god-like and another says,  “This is ungodly.”
And before I know it, am looking for protection and my credit cards.  Identity theft and suddenly am not sure who I am, or what I am thinking, nor what I say in print.     Quite disturbing actually when I am under-the-influence and  in media spin.  Going where others have gone, and perhaps I am on a top secret mission, and part of the agreement is to not talk about it, or disclose it as it actually is.  Protocol and cover story and suddenly I realize the disparity in most things I am encountering just now.  Not as I thought it would be, or as other’s are telling me it is.  Disparity of the Titans and am in state of wonder and partial confusion.  Nothing as it seems and for now I must learn to live with it.  Disparity and Difference.
Sneaky.  Enigmatic.  Obscure.  In the best way.   Reckoning and navigating in your own way, and you pick a word and try to learn its meaning, the best way you can.  From titan it is a hop, skip, and jump to a sea-faring word and experience.   Futility and there is a disparity between what he is talking about, and what I was thinking when selecting the word titan for usage in a blog tittle.  Futility.  Disparity.  Titan.  And for the moment, all comes full circle and this makes me happy.  Morgan Roberson wrote a novella:  Two titles or reference points.  Futility.  The Wreck of the Titan.  Turns out to be the same,  an engaging fictional account of the ill-fate voyage of the R.M.S Titanic.
And it is all related.  Take a word and expand on it.  Titan to titanic and then add a ship designator:  R.M.S.   Before we know it, a tale has been told.  A blog has been written.  And we see appearing in front of us.  Disparity.  Not what we expected.  Strange similarities to what happens in real life, but must think of it just this way.  It is a stoney blog.  A recreation in spectacular detail about things that might be myth or might be influential in your lifetime and in your life experiences.  And all he has to say for his role in this:  “Sneaky.  Enigmatic.  Obscure.”  And caps it off by a title.  Disparity of the Titans.  Writes.  Posts.  Runs away.   And has been doing this for a long time now.  Playing with words and involving the reader in something quite remarkable.
The power of the mind and its various off-springs and spawn.  Influence and peddling and is now on the fact track for obscurity.  Obsolete moments after it has been written.  Never sure if his blogs have wings, but is the day and age where it all get around and is global and beyond the control of one individual.  The author writes.  The world takes the material and distributes it.  Titan in the sense, it is not a myth.  Is happening in real time.  Fine word, titan and now corrupted by usage.  Imparity and grounded in popular usage, and reposted and spread around.
Preoccupied by disparity and now impartial and with imparity, and with apology, takes on a life all its own.  God-like.  Powerful.  Influential in a certain field.  Example as found on the internet.   “  Einstein was a titan in the field of science.” And with that we run with it.  Prodigious and expanding,  words and their usage and meaning change.
Suddenly it is as if I am navigating upon rough waters and risk the chance of Titanic-like experience.  Smooth sailing.  Navigating unchartered waters.  Hit something and now am at risk.  By comparison is not the same as blog-capsizing and a ship going down in turbulent seas.  But even so, There is a minor similarity.  Using words we are not comfortable with,   creating a fictional piece of writing and giving is essay form or blog form or whatever all this is that is to be found on the Internet’s world wide web, and now he wonders.  Is this a proper example of what happens in real life.  Is new experience for Stoney.
And when he doesn’t know what else to say.  He gives it title.  Disparity of the Titans.  Posts. And runs away.  Style and Rhetoric done for another day, and he gives new life to a word he little understood.  But now it is important.  “ Titanic,  even.”   So he says.
“  R.M.S. “
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  1. EyeVey

    Keep writing!

    January 11, 2017