Dodge The Question



Dodge The Question







Word association and compatibility, and the final version of this, “It is what it is.”  Not sure I am aware of what to expect when dealing with others.  Dodge The Question seems to line up with Dodge Ball, something I played when a child.  Goal:  Try to not get hit.  Catch the ball if its coming at you.  Don’t Take A Hit.  And some reason now and years later, am considering a blog about something like this that comes my way.  A Ball.  An Inquiry.   Mystery and you just never know.  From years of dealing with wife, and friends and females that just have that special way.  Comes down to basic training, and personal skills.  How to dodge and Not Take a Hit.  Seems like I am okay with the idea of life as a competitive event.  Not a sport, but used the same word, DODGE.  Ball or tongue, and what comes out of one’s mouth, and is a pivotal time for me, learning to deal with others.  Will take the time to investigate and see what it is I want to discuss in today’s Blog.  Dodge The Question.








So it is not a game and she is dead serious when she asks you something.  Takes time to learn that this is just the way it is.  Casual or unusual timing, and its not a crime to say, “Not in the mood for this.  Let’s talk later.”  Hoping later it is not the same inquiry, and he can come up with a different technique for dodging the question she sends his way.  Not always like that, and dodging the ball and treating it like a game, happens.  But is it the way it usually is?  And to determine that he needs to do his homework.  Put on his thinking cap.







Dodge the bullet, or the ball or the question coming his way, with the objective being,  survive and prosper and make good with another round of volley coming his way.  Not impossible, but takes practice.  Dealing with the opposite persuasion.  Neck and Neck, and too close to call, who the winner is, when it comes to being on the court, or in the court of a higher authority, not controlled by you.  “Answer The question.  Or pay the price and be punished as demanded by a court of your peers, or by me.”  And with that, he decides it time.  Make your move.  Dodge.  Feign.  Move.  “Don’t take a hit.”   Simple as that.








Not sure I am comfortable justifying the course of my actions, based on what others might be saying, or asking of you.  Each his own, and is a matter of individual choice, what others do.  And when they impose on you an inquiry from their mind, and its coming at you,  again he asks himself, “What are my choices?”  And not going at this as if its 20 questions, and there is a right answer for the first question that comes your way.  Bundled and part of a behavioral practice, and he decides  dodge the question, for now.  Might say, “This is good.  Let’s discuss this later.”  And isn’t something he learned in school, but rather on the street and during play.  Dodge Ball and it pleases him that at this endeavor, he is very good.  “Doesn’t take a hit.”  And leaves before he is sore and bruised by incoming objects directed at him, and it reminds him,  this includes words.  Word association.  Guilty by association.  What you say next, might be the start of one’s demise.  Never certain the timing or the direction of a direct hit, but even so, he has had practice.  Thinks he is ready.  “Let’s begin.”








Not sure at this point if it should be direct answer or an ad-lib misdirection try.  Try as I must and will,  not sure there is one way to deal with this.  Certainly infinite possibility is within one’s reach.  This is what he is thinking, but of course what comes next, is never certain.  A host of issues divide us, and there is a line we have established, to be aware of the next assault, verbal or physical, or both.  Dodge The Question and it is obvious he would when asked,  “Do I look pretty today.”  And he totally hates her current look.  Honesty  or Brevity, and do what you can, to avoid being in harm’s way.  A tongue lashing and verbal assault in proportion to one’s answer, and his phone rings with an alert.  “Avoid this at all costs.”  Let’s the message go to storage and decides,  “This can wait.”    But of course this is but one person’s opinion, and might not be the best alternative when standing near a loaded gun.   “Get Out of Dodge.”  And makes a promise to look that up on Google Search, when he has more time.







Not sure why this is my theme for today.  Hidden Word Puzzle Game, and it seems to involve  the word or idea:  Dodge.  Avoiding what comes your way, with perhaps a generic fake answer. First one needs to decide, “What are we talking about.”  “Is there a reputation or something I have that I must defend?”  Avoidance and sometimes its just a matter of timing.  Why cause a disturbance  or shake up the tranquility that comes with good weed and its certain buzz.?  Am not an English major enthusiastic, and prefer a good look, to a long sentence.







Oh wait,  I digress.  Is vague and full of confusion, the answer received.  So he says, “Whoa Nelly.  Time out.”    “Subfugate.”  Is not a real word, but he recites it as if it is.  Puzzling, but by now she is used to the way he moves and what he says, when pinned against a wall.  “In Coming and we wait for further reply.”  Of course we could be waiting for a long time, but at some point the rules change, and we are playing, Sudden Death.   The inquiry or ordeal goes on until both parties have reached a mutual satisfaction.  He keeps going.  “Don’t Take A Hit.”   She keeps asking, and he thinks.  “Better Off Dead.”  But of course this is a generalization and they are playing Sudden Death.  Somebody has to lose.  That is what the rules say.  But he is uncertain about the details.  He would rather not talk  just now.







Lately everybody is talking about ‘THE CLOUD.”  Is something technical and has to do with Networking.  Collusion.  Cloud The Issue.  Handy with words, she is.  “Subterfuge.”  And he comes back with another of his patented version of reality.  “Obfuscate.”  Evasion of a special sort, and being at the same time.  Using The Cloud.  And he seems to be proud of it.  His ability.  Create a Smoke Screen.  Then run.  Is one of his favorite things to do, when she is closing in and seeking the truth and more detail.








Now is time to submit my final word on the subject of being evasive and not taking a hit, when it comes to such things as interactions and collision points in everyday affairs.  Will help me if I rediscover discipline and staying on topic.  Helpful hint might be the word for the day:  Dodge.  And the phrase that follows:  Dodge The Question.  As we know he likes sports and loads up on baseball and a little practice football, this time of the year, at the expense of more useful things, like being with others and engaging in word play.  Connective tissue and to start with words, reminds me of my favorite expressions:  “Don’t start with me.”  And when this happens it seems to be a reflexive action for him.  He clams up.  Goes deaf-mute silent and we can tell by the look on his face,  he will dodge the question.  So talking should probably be deferred until after lunch, when he is resting and you can try again.  “Hit him with your best shot, and see what happens.”  Not sure this is a suggestion from The Sage, or just something you keep telling yourself.  But is good to know, over the years he has slowed down, and doesn’t play the game as he once did.  So is best to keep at it.




“Hit him with your best shot, and see what happens.”






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