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floss but don't swallow






It is an American cliché.  Some things are hard to swallow substitute for mother telling her daughter, “there are some things we just don’t do.”  We don’t believe everything we are told or see.  All comes with a disclaimer and we must be careful and even cautious to embrace that good looking man, or even more so, careful what you hear and believe in, and even more so, gauge how much faith you put in the promise of tomorrow.  Hard to swallow is a blog about false profits and prophets.  “ Hark the herald angle sing,  glory to the new born King.”  And that is my lead-in to New Years.  Let’s begin.









My mom's generation will say certain things that will be discounted immediately.  Just the way it is, and am reminded that the world owes you nothing, and it is what it is, take of it that which you will, but always be cautious.  Floss, but don’t swallow is a cautionary tale of what it is like to be me and you as 2017 comes along.









Had an election in America in 2016 and it all gets interesting as we attend the party and inauguration and most certainly for us common folk, the party down the street and in the local gathering place.  New Year’s Eve and am not sure how much I will dress up for this.  Wash and pamper the skin, most certainly.  Do the daily dental and flow, I will.  The rest might be hard to swallow and I will resist as long as is possible, but in the end if this year is like the other ones in my life, I will get sucked in and down the drain possibly I will go.  Dire and urgent to answer the call, but when you know it is a solicitor selling leftovers from Christmas with ‘Made in China’ on the label, just hang up.  “Thanks for calling.  I am busy.  Go peddle you wares elsewhere.”  Is available as a punch line, if you want to use up valuable minutes on your smart phone.  Most won’t bother.











Stoney blogger and he appears like the bunny rabbit down the hole in Alice’s wonderland story.  Never sure if rabbits have the equal of recreational drugs in their existence and routine, but think possible the author did.  He writes such weird things, and yet is back to suggest you not swallow.  Wears a t-shirt that displays the phrase:  This Great Nation, but to be honest it is dirty and hasn’t been washed since receiving it on Christmas day, and I don’t like the color.  Made in China and its faded and wonder what happens upon its first wash.  But that might never happen.  New Year’s and resolutions and we think about it, but are forewarned.  It might never happen. 










Wishful thinking perhaps, but am current stuck on the thought that flossing is good for your teeth, but swallowing might be bad for your stomache and inner works.  Not sure how things will work or turn out in 2017.  Remains a mystery shrouded in an air of indifference and disappointment.  Something lost and something gained, and I am not the one to explain this, just now.  Mention it for what its worth, but realize there is so much out there and resolution and warning come and go.  Is that way and The Party and The Dress has the spotlight just now.  The little things can be put on hold and if you can’t afford it, just don’t go the extra mile to pick it up.  And don’t call UPS to do the work for you.  Best to forget about it.  The floss and the swallowing part can wait another day.  Depend on your mood and other things, we won’t discuss just now.










"dynamic scoring." If you dont know what it means, just substitute the word "lying." Substitutes for real value and luxury and he is back to saying, “Don’t swallow that.”  And is becoming old now, just minutes off the press.  Contaminated by the scene and by the words on a screen, I haven’t yet clicked away from.  But I will and won’t be back.  Is how it works and is probably why we aren’t friends, and aren’t close and when we come face to face,  act as if we are on a downtown Manhattan, New York Street, complete with our New York Minute attitude. 










Things come and go so quickly.  New Year’s Eve will be here, perhaps by the time you read this.   Fireworks and celebration, and for now will ignore it when others say, “What’s the big deal.  It happens, each and every year.”  But even so, I like the sound of it.  “ Having a good time.   Wish you were here.”  But by the time I arrive the cost of admission will have doubled, and will have to stand, while most are seated.  Is a crowded world now.  Some things just can’t be trusted.







It won’t be long and I will be over it.  What is written today, will be tomorrow’s disposable.  If it doesn’t please me,  I will make a rude comment and post it.  Is why I don’t spend a lot of time on entertainment for the masses.  I write.  I post.  I disappear.  And is probably what I like about this media.  Don’t pin it on me.  Medal or blame, and realize as we must, nothing is original here.   The good stuff is obviously cut and paste, and moved along at the speed of light.  You can make light of this, and treat all as one big joke, but there will come a time we must take responsibility for being involved and being online.  But now is not the time.  New Year’s  Eve and all I want to do is have a good time.  “Call a Taxi.”










Keep patronizing me and keep telling me what you think I want to hear.  If I have had enough, I will unsubscribe you.  Is the modern way.  And I must be flexible and adapt.  Okay to go along with the new twist and be vibrant in doing so.  Party time and I must look good,  feel right about the night, and dance with you, without reservation.










2017 and I was thinking.  Living the modern life can be a crippling condition, but current treatments are available, but first we must smarten up and become quicker at identifying those things that will harm us in the course of another year.   Life and style and just now,  I have other things on my mind.  Like where to go on New Year’s night, where I don’t have to drive.  Want to drink and drug and party.  Seems like this would be a perfect time for such things.  Guess I can do a search and come up with some likely places to be.  Or I could just walk around and follow the crowd, and maybe that is exactly what happens when I go online and ask others to supply me with the answers.  Haven’t thought about it, just do what I think will get me to the front of the line and in my seat before the performance begins.  New Year’s soon and is important to get there before everybody else does.  Is something I would say in private, but not in public.









Really desperate now.  Must be if he is stuck on the topic of flossing and swallowing all the crap, life sends our way.  Swimming is a sea of disillusion, and perhaps am making too much out of the very idea:  New Year’s Eve and Party. What if stressing over what happens in New York City Times Square  when they drop the ball, and you are not there to catch it,  causes stomach ulcers and you happen to be the one that ends up with that condition.  What does flossing have to do with stomach ulcers, and perhaps I am off topic now, as the only thing that is important on New Year’s Eve is having a good time. 









Really desperate now when I realize I have no idea what makes up a good time, and have to go online to see what others did and what they tell us.  After the fact, of course and I am buying into it.   Swallow what they say, as if it is apropos for me in the present moment.  Floss if you must, and of course it goes without saying, Smell Good.  Look Good.  Be stylish and fashionable.  Having said all that.  I must run.  Its almost time and if I am not there first,  they might not let me in.  And so I worry and start out for the party a few days early.  Is the kind of world I occupy.  And is why I tell myself.  “Floss but don’t swallow.”




Happy New Years.  2017.







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Comments (2)

  1. funfreak

    Happy New Year, Stoney! Here’s hoping it’s a good one. No negativity or worry or sad news tonight. For one night, let’s just sparkle. Tomorrow will be here soon enough.

    December 31, 2016
    1. stonehead

      Hello funfreak. am about to get a cup of coffee and send you email. okay. its out. he does that. talks with favorites on a private channel. don’t we all do that. so no problems. no jealousy. plug and play and dance the night away. Tis New Years. like she said. Party Time

      December 31, 2016