In A Certain Light



In A Certain Light
I have nothing to hide.  By the fallacy of my own words I open up and become a frame of reference for those who wish to expose me.  Shared correspondence and space and by innocence I appear as a created presence of one with too much time at the keyboard of life, and he expounds.
“Not my first rodeo.”  He said.
Puzzled but not deterred, a response finds its proper place in the phylum of  all-things-internet-connected.  “Why are you here?”
Seems like a harmless way to start a conversation, and instead of hiding behind 5th Amendment Rights provided by the U.S.A constitution, I will put myself in front of you by bringing into play the book which sits on my table.  Is Ernest Hemmingway the writer and is showcased by words in a book he wrote: 
 Hemingway on War.   On page 58 it appears.
“….why are you here….”
And the answer by Nick, one of Hemingway’s created entities  is one I will repeat now.
“I am demonstrating the American uniform.”  Nick said.
Like I said, “I have nothing to hide.  This is not my first rodeo and I am an American and read Hemingway.”
Happy to get the existential question, “Why are you here?”; disposed of.  Quick answer. 
 “What he said.”  And will leave you to your own means.  “Sort it out.”
Am here for a different reason.  Stone Drum’s blog and want to build on a foundation of words that appear daily.  Today’s topic is about molecular diversity and movement.
What happens in Spring.  It is simple.   A new season.  More trauma.  
 Let me explain.
Seems we recently messed around with time,  moving our clocks forward an hour.  Has to do with light and again do not want this to be the sole focus of today’s blog.  I bring it up because I become disoriented by the very act of Spring Ahead.  Messing with time and one’s biological clock has implications that are far reaching for me.  Takes two weeks or more for me to recover from this simple act of moving our clock’s forward or backward, even just one hour.  So that occurred and now I am reacting by coming to rest and sitting.  Have a computer and a screen in front of me.  Is an environmental sample of what happens in an advanced society.  Computer. Electricity.  Daylight.
Can say with certainty, “….  From a west-facing room looking out on water and mountains, I become one with the light reflected back to me.”    Hence, the title:  In a Certain Light.  He sits and writes about composition and diversity and the molecular structure that influences him in the present moments.   He doesn’t want to talk about why he is here, but will if forced to.
Instead he hopes to show a different rendering of himself, and talk about something personal and important. Perhaps only important to him at this moment, because he suffers from bio-distortion due to messing with the light and the clocks and his simple mind, which is determined and is affected by the things you do.   He wants to talk about it.  Biogenic weathering of stone.  How stone drum reacts much like everything else, in the face and facts of molecular diversity in Spring.  How light is the subject when seen from a distance on a remote-viewing-screen.
So does it really matter if it is winter or Spring?  Does it matter that I see myself differently, depending on my own reflected thinking, which is determined or influenced by how much light reaches me?  Was thinking about that, when I fell asleep.  Crawled under myself and declined to come out.  It was there I came across a different version of a Jimi Hendrix tune:  Third Stone From The Sun.  It was during that period that darkness found me and when I woke I had other things to think about, other than daylight savings time and messing with the light and others asking, “Why are you here?”   Suddenly I lost focus and direction.  Didn’t care about Hemingway and the book I was reading just a few hours prior.  Suddenly it was more important to think about stone and energy and molecules in motion.  Important to figure out what was going on around me, and get out of bed.  And move on.  Head games were to be postponed.  Words game, too.  Think about the bigger picture.  Feel bad that Jimmi Hendrix is gone now, and very much misunderstood.
Is important to retrace my steps.  Go back if I must to 1967.  Find the record even if it’s a 78 rpm plastic, all scratched and difficult to listen to.  Jimi Hendrix.  1967.  The Album:  Are You Experienced.   The Song:  Third Stone From The Sun.  The Artist:  Jimi Hendrix.  Think about it.  You were young then.  Had so much to learn.  And what did you do.  How did you benefit from being in the same city, Seattle and how did all of that influence you?   Did it?
Learn from my mistakes.  Pay attention to certain things.  See things in a certain light.  Note that Jimi Hendrix seemed to like the word “Stone.”  Songs that reflect this by Jimi Hendrix were:   Third Stone From The Sun.   Stone Free.   And.   Stepping Stone.  See where we went off the beaten track and started doing our own thing.  See that it really did matter,  those things happening to us and around us in the year 1967.  Realize now that this was before man went into orbit and set foot on the moon.  Realize that this was riff between time and space and life with and without light.  “Third Stone From The Sun ”  is the earth.  At the time,  this just didn’t occur to me.  But like I said in the beginning.  “I have nothing to hide.  I will talk about the mistakes I’ve made.”
And now I come to stand and face the music.  Reinterpret the dance I never fully learned.  Dance of stars in fading light.  Sun and its movement and how it affects me.  Jimi Hendrix is gone.  But his songs and words and what they talk about in reference to him,  still lives on.  You can hear it everywhere you go, in Seattle.  The Jimi Hendrix universal sound.  Long version or short, he wasn’t with us for very long, but now I realize how much all of this has influenced me.  He liked the word, “Stone”.  And so do I.  Is something that allows me to define myself and place in the bigger picture.  1967 standing around smoking something and waiting for Jimi to play.  It happened.
Turning the clock forward or back, won’t change that.  It didn’t matter that the song I was waiting to hear was garbled sound and later entered into a lawsuit and taken away.   Many years passed before I heard it again.  But in 1967 and a live concert and he put it out there.  And for all these years its been with me.  In my head.  Replayed in myth and dream, it was real to me.  Before we went to the moon.  Before we knew our place in the universe in personal man-made experience.
Third Stone From The Sun’ is the earth.  And I was there.  Something not to be forgotten,  I think it important enough to mention in a blog, circulate and perhaps become locked-in-time and space and suffer not from the change of time and the change of light.
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  1. tiggers

    You make me smile

    March 23, 2017