Look At Me


Look At Me
Up early on Friday morning and in America this will be a day to remember.  Alas, I don’t intend to rain on your parade or spoil the party, but am aware it will be a long day and into the night it will go, as we celebrate a political change and new president and on center stage we will feel the heat of a million lights and cameras, as Washington D.C.  on the east coast of America becomes home and stage of Party Central as the Republican Party takes over after being out in the cold for over 8 years.  Won’t be wearing pink, but hope to make a fashion statement.  Blond Wig to cover my bald head, for starters.  And when I write about political subject I usually am met with an empty comment field at the end of the day.  And I am good a judging the net effect and compensating as tomorrow I have the option to post another blog, not political and to welcome back a few, who come to see what is on the menu for that day.
And before I get sidetracked by a marching band, and the Pied Piper of Hamelim or the copy-cat.  Need to identify in lowercase terms what I am talking about.  Pied Piper is thought of as a person who induces others to follow or imitate him or her, especially by means of false or extravagant promises.  And before I forget, one more identity statement.  Been reading about the closure for the season of most research stations in Antarctica, because the ice shelf upon which it rests has developed a huge crack, and for now is becoming a show stopper.  And that is not good.  Especially on Party Night when the people in D.C. want all your attention to be pointed in a northerly direction, and not south of the equator.
So this brings me to mentioning that we will not be pushed off stage by Kremlin Reports or by loud conversation about global warming and how we are now on warning to expect doom and gloom. Tip of the Iceberg and is a need to identify in lowercase terms what I am talking about.  Tip of the Iceberg:  Only a hint or suggestion of a much larger or more complex issue or problem.  And this is where I want to start.  Marching Band.  Loud noise.  And Fireworks.  Oh, and one more thing.  Is party day and night, but I won’t be wearing pink, which as he said before, is only a hint or suggestion of a much larger or more complex issue or problem.  Don’t Ask, and I won’t tell.  Chelsea Manning’s sentence is commuted from 35 years in prison to current time served, which is 7 years or around that amount of time.  Outgoing President’s last act, and of course is being mentioned here as tip of the iceberg and Chelsea, with name and pattern change, might be wearing pink.  But not me.  On Party Night.
And now I am ready in uncertain terms to talk about everything else.   Falls under the heading of battle station centric and can be thought of as an alternative title for this blog, as he goes off topic, once again.  Not choosing sides in a publicized manner, but like it when I tell myself.  “Man your battle station.”  Not putting up a fight and will go along with wishes of the dominant party and organizers.  Like the world of Party Central and will make it a one-word addition to this sentence, which for some, has been commuted.  Not sure why, but is a conversation we can have at another time, or not at all.  Shrunk down and made for general consumption around the world wide web, he comes up with a nickname for Party Central, and that is embedded in his alternative title:  battle station centric.
For now we will use all of this to boldly celebrate the diverse and beautiful and the down-right weird.  Have no strategy for dealing with the incoming, but will give off the impression that I am having a good time.  All of this will come as Party Play On-Demand, and the more you pay for admission to the party,  the better chance you have to access the new administration and power, now coming onboard.  Active footage of party, with re-enactments and first-hand accounts of groping and lude conduct to be included free.  Replay and life-long party commitment.  A good opportunity to be successful, and sue your friends.   Will be a fun night.  For some.  And for many, to be expressed as A Grateful Nation, we will attend and party on into the night and for the next 4 to 8 years, unless our sentence is commuted, but probably not.
Down south the ice shelf is coming apart, and in tip of the iceberg format, there’s trouble up North.  To what extent any of this is important depends on media-savvy sensibility, and what will be reported in the news.  As it is, it has a faintly comic tinge to it.  Off-colored and not true red, white and blue, even so there is something mock-heroic about it, as it is said,
“ Look At Me.”
When I think about it, all of this is really cool.  World as I know it, is heating up.  Has a huge ice shelf ready to break off and declare its independence.  Really impressive and want to pay my respects for those who sacrificed so much, to make this all happen.  Am looking at all of this as a pivotal moment, and am unable for now to give a 1 to 10 rating.  Maybe after the celebration and beyond the hangover and recovery period, I will have something useful to report.  For now, am concentrating on what I am wearing.  Did you hear it when I said, “Won’t be wearing pink.”  But will dress up for the occasion. Wants attention.  Is egotistical.  Famous and getting more so with every moment that passes.  
All of this embedded in the publicity given to this historical event.  Listen.  Watch. Download.  Replay.  By the magic of technology we are invited to the party.  Not sure if where we are positioned, we will have the best view, but with big screen protection to our front room, it is possible, you won’t be left out.  Big Party Night.  See you there. Perhaps.  Many have decided not to attend, but then again this is America, and we are like that.  More often than not. 
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  1. funfreak

    I’ve been absent for the past two weeks. First I had a bad cold. Did what I had to do each day and then drank tea and orange juice in bed. January 9, my mother-in-law passed away and I had the whole family here from the West Coast for a week. This week I spent putting things away or donating them and writing thank-you notes. I’m grateful I was distracted from social media as the inauguration drew close. I have no stomach for it. Social media is so toxic and disparaging and full of vile deceit. I can’t even. Anyway, I did turn on the tv an hour ago and I’m watching really second rate entertainment, which is a statement in itself. Guess money can’t buy everything. The creative community will probably pay for this. Sounds like he’s going to get back at them: The National Endowment for the Arts (N.E.A.) and the National Endowment for the Humanities (N.E.H.) may be eliminated entirely, and the Corporation for Public Broadcasting (C.P.B.)—which, in part, funds PBS—would be privatized. So much for culture. Anyway, the Lord of the Dance is on now and I think I’ll have to turn off the TV before the “first dance”. Maybe it should be called the last dance?

    January 21, 2017