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Meaning of Life










Ambitious title and it is a short blog, because he wants it that way.  With a question he sweeps away all doubt.  Am I making problems for myself?  Meaning of Life and maybe that is way too much to handle before consuming his first cup of tea on Saturday morning, 6 am.  Perhaps a step back and that will clarify the stream of thought he is having.  Meaning of Life becomes,  does this have a meaning for me?  Now what, he has introduced a completely different idea into the conversation, and as we might dread or hesitate, it seems to be all about him.  Blog writer and Stoney and might be a brief history lesson to determine if this is about the MEE  MEE Generation.  He steps back.  States it all as clearly as he can.  Meaning of Life is bigger than one person, hence can’t be a blog just about me.  Now I am feeling better.  If this is not a blog about Stoney Blogger and the Meaning of Life as interpreted by him, what is it about?  Maybe its about asking or starting out with the right question, and we know that in a short blog,  Questioning the meaning of life is a bit too much.  So where do we go from here?   Let me explain.







It all begins for me right here.  John Muir.  1871.  Let me explain.








I have no idea what it means, nor why this might be important just now.  Is the reason I am here, blogging at 6 am on a Saturday morning about something I know so little about.  Things that increase my ignorance.  Blog titles that include:  The Meaning of Life.  Blog comments that inform me about John Muir.  1871.  And a thought I woke with.  My world begins with this:  San Francisco  1850 to 2050.   This has been a constant for me.  When I sit down to write, be it a blog or a book or a short essay, my starting point is always a block of years which I try to focus on.  From these years I draw from the source and without much effort, complete the sentence I am working on.  One thing leads to another and before I know it I have completed a daily blog.  That continues and I keep writing.  Suddenly I realize I have completed a manuscript.  Not sure I am brave enough to call it a book, but have reinvented myself as of late, and am no longer an aspiring writer, amateur to profession, but instead have become in the stomach of my own mind,  a CONTENT PROVIDER.







Meaning of Life and now we ask again, what does he mean?  Content Provider and is a new term, or at least new to me.  Not sure the difference between a published writer  and a Content Provider can be explained in a short blog.  So he takes a short cut.  Mentions John Muir.  1871.  And he had mentioned already that he is talking about a meaning of life that can be centered in the years 1850 to 2050.  And now we know,  he is talking in big pictures terms.  We know for now that a single or individual life does not take up the span of 200 years.  So that narrows things down.  He is talking about a collective life and the meaning that might be derived from that.  Again this is a Stoney-Blogger Interpretation.  Truth is.








Caught in a stream going in two directions or more.  From mountain high to sea bottom, and we realize, there lies the answer to all of this.  Meaning of Life and add to that a simple fact some have related to me.  A single cell holds all the information necessary for creation.   Meaning of Life.  Creation.  Published Author.  Content Provider.  John Muir.  1871.  Puzzling perhaps, until he mentions that he is thinking about a collection of things that begin with looking at a blog comment in one of the blogs he wrote, not long ago.  In that blog, Sumie Madness and Brush Off he finds what he is looking for.







Is an interesting comment from an online-Associate who lives in Scotland, but has thoughts from time to time that stretch from his world to mine.  And this is where this blog really starts to take on meaning.  The COLLECTIVE.  Not sure if I am referring to this world I partially occupy.  Online and Communicating with others, by writing a blog that is usually centered just on me, and is what we say, stream of consciousness writing.  Caught in a stream going in two directions or more.  And am currently in a pool or eddy that swirls and calms, and is not exactly standing water, but is mirror-like island from which I can reflect,  Mountains and Sea.   1850 to 2050.  Spans the years.  Starting not in San Francisco in 1848, but rather starts here and now.  John Muir.  1871.  Yosemite.  In this blog and with the help of others, am transported to Yosemite in 1871.  Now in my mind, my work is done.  The rest should be other than MEE-MEE.  Keeping with my intent, a blog should be short.  Which means, one’s intent should be clear when writing such things.  Meaning of Life and I cannot explain that to you in this blog.  But I can give meaning to such things as the mentioning of John Muir and a reference to Yosemite, California.  1871.








Perhaps I have done all I can. What follows is surprise and delight for me.  Without knowing much about what I speak or write about, clarification often comes later.  Comment Field and the contribution of others, and I am thinking:  This is the Meaning of Life for me.  Shared thought.  Collective and contributions made, spanning oceans and continents and time.  And there it is.  Am almost done now.  But not yet.









Now I have reached the point when reality and dream are one.  1850 or is it 1871?  Not being very precise now, but that appeals to me also.  Now jump ahead to 2050 and he talks from the foundation that is clearly classified as Future.  Content Provider and information is KING.  He pretends to have all the answers and we can question that?  John Muir and what does that have to do with anything I might be interested in?  Another question that may not have an answer.  Takes time, to figure it out.







And now he has moved on.  Multiple streams from mountain to sea and he is now asking the search engine on the Internet about  Quasimoto and multiple streams.  As if doing so will make sense and complete the thought.  John Muir .   1871.  And he learns.  Yosemite Glaciers.  New York Tribune.  December 5, 1871.  The following was John Muir’s first published work, for which he was paid $200 dollars.  Which at the time, 1871, was a large sum of money.  Contrast that with the idea, Stoney writes this blog for  FREE.   Imagine that.  He smiles.  Likes the idea that John Muir describes his adventures in Yosemite and his surprising discovery. 








And what might that be, his discover that gives meaning to life, or perhaps is the meaning of life that Stoney-Blogger is looking for.  Exciting discovery of ‘LIVING’ glaciers in the Sierra Nevada in the fall of 1871.   And stoney-blogger wonders,  in 2050   what will be the fate of the natural state of things?  Glaciers.  Global Warming and C02.  Nukes and North Korea.  Will there even be a United States? 








And he laughs.  Meaning of Life and his remains buried in the mountains or at the bottom of the sea.  Somewhere in time.  1850 to 2050.  And again he mentions  John Muir.  1871.  And now we know why.  He read it in a book or in a blog-comment-field, and he is clearly distracted or dedicated to being caught in a stream going in two directions or more.  From mountain high to sea bottom, and we realize, there lies the answer to all of this.  Stoney’Blogger and this blog:  Meaning of Life.  Joins with Quasimoto and the Multiple Stream to become more than it really is.   




Imagine that.




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Comments (2)

  1. Walkaboutman

    Indeed my friend.
    The meaning of life can depend on your understanding of reality at the time. Sometimes i will let the mind roam and extend upon itself, what i see,what it is, its molecular make up, if a wall is self created or can be broken. There are times when i feel i just start to grasp the very essence and i realise how pointless alot of things we do really are. To fit into society,we busy ourselves with tasks to be apart of this society but life requires simple,basic actions.

    By God,we complicate things.

    If i could, i would leave everything behind, camp alongside a river in the bush up in the mountains and life life simply……which is why i love camping.

    Untill that day i go off the grid after escaping the microchip implant and the mark of the beast. I will be the good citizen and go about that in which i must…….but i am watching, listening and thinking.

    Sometimes it is what they are not saying that grabs my attention. The media is great with smoke and mirrors,we are being told what “they” want us to hear.

    Life as you know it, the ultimate conspiracy…. Chapter one lol, look put world.

    Thank you Stoney,great write as always my friend.

    August 12, 2017
  2. funfreak

    Interesting read, but you kind of lost me in the end. I need more information! I thought I was going to get a nice, neat little definition of the meaning of life (which I could really use!), but I think you want me to work for it. You want me to extrapolate phrases and interpret your intentions. Oh…..if only it wasn’t Monday morning. My brain cells haven’t kicked in yet.

    August 14, 2017