Nuance of Continuation




Nuance of Continuation
So what does one do, when you have too much time on your hands, and does this imply another blog about boredom and retirement and isolation?  Require no assistance to come with an answer, but at this point I am probing my own mind, to discover what it is about continuation that interests me.  Big fad is to say, “Live for today.  Be a Present Moment Kind of guy.”  Retired and my friends are not around and available as much as they were in the old days, when I was working and active and had a vigorous outdoor schedule and life.  Wonder if this will become a conversation about using derivatives of modern communications to fill the void between dreams and reality and what’s going on now that you are retired and living a leisure-based existence.  Account for the Hedge and it is probably still true, “Life is better on the Other-Side of the Fence or away from where you happen to be.”   Greener Pasteur Mentality and must confess, it costs a lot of money and takes a lot of planning to travel and use your available retirement time to see the world.  So what does one do?  When retired.
Nuance of continuation and he wonders:  “Do you belong to a fight club?”  What is your relationship with aggressive living and are you the competitive type that brings your work home, and now that you are retired, you realize: “Don’t have many hobbies.  Wife and kids fight a lot, but nothing much gets resolved.”   Busy in life and separate paths, and now he is writing a blog about the nuance of continuation, and about that he seems to go on and on.  Derivatives of continuation and lines of communication and he wonders if there is a connection using electronic transfer, that will get him out of his head, and beyond the mental limits of rehashing the same old things.  Extended play and isn’t that what retirement should be all about, he wonders, but can find correspondence between what he thinks and what other around him are doing and saying.  Nuance of Continuation and could be a project just to come up with a simple example of what this might be all about.
Age 62 and now planning for retirement.  Looks for a novel approach and seeks to find a new way to fund his leisure-based existence.  Fertility clinic and online classes, and before you know it, she is saying:  “Yes, I am pregnant.”  Never sure when you are online, who you might be talking to.  FBI in disguise and Lurkers everywhere, looking for A-Sugar-Daddy or elaborate scam.  Nuances and a variety of dynamics to consider, and he thinks:  “Be careful.  This could happen to you.”  Life changes and enhancements, and is still learning what might happen when a person has too much leisure time and has a history of not picking up healthy companions and activities to be involved with.  And so it is, we can do the crossword puzzle daily and take online surveys.  Not sure that will solve the puzzle of continuation and what happens once they fire you or you retire, or are just plain the end game in a down-sizing scheme.
Go online and find some new friends that are looking for a relationship and a companion.  “Don’t tell your wife.  Start a new life.”  And that is possible.  Will take that under advisement.  Not sure that any of this is serious and would demand a resolution.  Each of us are unique, and approach things differently.  Retirement and are you ready for such a drastic change after working for 20 to  30 years, and still haven’t paid off your Student Loans.  Many things to consider in this New Age.  And now he stops to think:  “Will I be impacted by global warming.  What are my environmental concerns, not that I am considering retirement.  Down the block and in the neighborhood, what are the prospects for civil war and a difficult life?”  Seems like the doom and gloom approach, and he has decided:  Nuance of Continuation and will not consider the negative side of this.  Instead, will bury my head in the sand, go online and fake everything and see what happens.  Begins with saying, “I’m retired.  Want to go fishing?”  Fishing for something to do, and that sounds like something I might be good at.
Living with ambiguity and he wonders if this is what happens when we change our life course and get stuck in the fast lane, considering the nuance of continuation.  Keep going, or veer off the beaten path, and this brings us to the point where creative impulse and too much time to use up, becomes a shouting match with the those around you.  Online and it is said.  “Stop using All Caps.  You are shouting.”  Is when I realized changes must be made and the end of the straight and narrow approach must be considered.  Creative impulse and what is a person to do?  Ask around on the internet, and you will find a complex and interesting collection of answers.  Not sure one should spend much time analyzing all this online, but it is a time killer.  It is amusing.
Liberation from work and now it occurs to me:  “What should I do next?”  Brings me face to face with creativity and novelty and change.  How does my boring existence morph into significance, now that I am retired?  And when I bring the subject up with my new online friends,  I seem to get a lot of online advertising on the subject of Retirement Planning.  Am done with that and the menace of evil that comes with surveillance and automated AI-programs that count your keystrokes and make statistics and analysis of your web-page experience.  Menace of Evil that comes with being online and in the world of Interactive Remote Correspondence, and being there each and every day, like perhaps you have nothing better to do, than go online and look for trouble.
Online and here for one’s own amusement, comes with the possibility of magic from the outside, and revelation of a brave new world, far beyond your experience and understanding.  “Am I safe with you?”  He wonders but does not pursue this issue with any serious intent.   Gone are the days of executive protection and cautionary protocols that limit what might be the dangerous side of life.  Now we are online and open to global traffic and penetration.  Perhaps even, online scams and questionable interaction with others.  “Name your pleasure?”  She said.  Never expecting to end up at a fertility clinic and all that comes with that Hobby.  Impulse and being a guest in a big world beyond my comprehension, and now it seems to lead into dubious channels of misdirection, when asked.  “do you know a good lawyer.”
Having fun now.  Good or bad, don’t ask.  Just consider it as different, and go from there.  Killing time is not enough when day after day you are faced with the challenge of keeping up with The-Online-Crew and they are more experienced with all of this, than you will ever be.  Attached to technology and paying a price now.  Immediate opportunities for having a great retirement comes with the threat of perhaps things that are not good for you, that you have never considered.  In other words, the nuance of continuation and when and where does this lead me.  Not sure this is a good time to bring up the subject of personality disorders or the effect of aging on judgement, but seems I am here now.  Lack of control and spending too much time online, and now he wonders:  “Do you have any suggestions.”
Liberated from work, and wants to play.  Has the gambler’s instinct for the adrenaline rush that comes with risk-taking.  Writes a blog daily, and comes online to post it.  Ends up being side-tracked with the variation of life that is available and those that seem to seek involvement.  This enables me to behave in ways that might be questionable in the workplace, where I have spent most of my life.  And now I am learning as I venture forward,  the ups and downs of continuation and the nuances that are out there, for the unsuspecting sequestered person, now in retirement and looking for something to do.  Online.  Not sure where I crossed the line and invited an interaction that is more trouble than its worth.  But am not amused when I ask, “What’s Up?”   And the comment returns:  “I am pregnant.  Do have a good lawyer?”




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