Let’s begin with this and see what happens.




Information  comes over the loudspeaker.


“There is a crazy person loose in the castle.”


Now your smartphone issues you an active signal.


“It’s your turn to stand watch.  Report to your watch station commander immediately.”


With that you type a reply.  “Otay.”   And pray that things will turnout in your favor.  




Otay. Lol. Lmao.  It is all new-speak for me. 



I have decided that no matter what I write today, it will be as if I have found a low spot on the ground I walk, and marsh-like conditions will surround me, where I go.  Weary is the traveler that walks the low lands, and for his trouble on return is informed: 
“You have Castle Watch.  Report in 30 minutes.”



 Focusing in on details now.  Got into a shouting match with some chick I met in 1962 and now blame it on daylight savings time and messing with the clocks.  Turned my back on reality and found myself in the nightmare replay of yesterday.  And so it is, I am off-track now and don’t know how far to go, with all of this.  Am at the point where fabrication might be the path I take, and fabric of choice will be something not-made-in-china, and lead-free.  





Hoping to avoid a bad day, and decided on something once viewed on Saturday Morning when the parents were still fast-a-sleep.  Sleeping in on Saturday Morning, or shagging:  will we ever know and does it matter.  I had my own control of the small screen and was watching The Rascals, a children’s show from way back when black and white was still an issue.  “Otay and the kid stutters and was made comic by a resourceful scriptwriter.”  How far should I regress to bring today’s reader up to speed.  “What is he talking about?”  Leads to the low ground where quicksand is found.  Some caution is advised. 




For perspective, he adds:  “I use to worship the ground she walked on.”  Said with conviction and an air of formality that may have been a royal state of confidence, back in the day, when Ms. Manners had a lot to say, and men still read the Racing Forms and newspaper, while in robes and slippers and sipping on a cuppa.  Tea and if we go back far enough, we can make sense of the Castle Watch comment at the top of this blog.  Way back and very low on the interest scale, is a path he takes when his mind is following The Cult of Yesterday, and he is following traffic pulled by horse and mules and bull-stock.  Mud track and sparse terrain, when cities were just a few 100 years away, and most of us were out there, on the fringes, protecting our families and our interests.  Like I said.  “Just Making The Best of a Primitive State.” 




Castle Watch and the internet will explain it to you, but not in the same way this old dude is going on and on, in a daily blog.  And this is where I am, using the state of the art technology and methods to lead me out of the wilderness, and out of the swamps.  Much like what happened to the ancestors when they came out of Africa and populated the planet.  Marshland.  Foggy Bottom.  Bogs.  Lowlands and certain trouble when you are dressed up and hoping for better.  




Now fast forward into something called new speak.  “What is he talking about?” leads us in so many directions at once,  we might feel lost.  Found that going to the internet and asking: “ WTF.”  Didn’t help much at all.  Still with the problem and no solution sitting here with me, as I drink tea and attempt another daily blog. 



   Not expecting help from Google Maps.   Not sure where I am going with the Castle Watch lead-in at the start of this morning’s blog.  Do not have the facilities to cope with the merge of past and present, now turned sideways by the innovation of Daylight Savings Time Switch.  Disoriented at best.  Yesterday I found myself on a 1960’s  Selma Alabama bus, and with some blind person asking, “Are you black?”  If that wasn’t enough of a problem, I actually fell into VietNam without a clue, and came back with the idea:  “this is bad.”  So expecting limited help, I turned on YouTube and watched Flaming Lips perform their mesmerizing single, “The Castle.”  Suddenly I found myself in a state of mind,  with little hope of recovery, in terms of making sense today.




To make things worse I thought I might explain where I am.  Otay was not the best example of everyday speech and clarification.  Little boy stutters and has a speech impairment, and is treated in comic fashion.  A cruel show if we think about it.  But we don’t.  Now we are into a conversation that begins with:  Otay. Lol. Lmao.  Strange but not funny.  Is where I find myself in the present moment.  Found something that leads me down a path to low ground.  Not the ground I worship, nor the ground she walk.  Nope  More like, a graveyard for literacy and is marked clearly:  Cemetery New-Speak.



Lol  and it morphs to a fuller understanding when somebody mentions:  ‘ARF’.  And adds to the puzzle this piece:  ‘….I sometimes use ‘arf’, which means I’m laughing ( and not barking).  There is more.  Mr. Somebody says as if for my enlightenment:  “More subdued than writing ‘ahahahahah’. “  And now it’s my turn.  “What are these people talking about?”    



Turn forward the clock 1 hour.  This will fix all the problems you might have, real or imagined.



Brings me to a true understanding of what I will be dealing with today.  Castle Watch.  Not so much.  Crazy person running around and it is my turn to deal with that.  Of course, that is a better possibility in real time, as I live in an Urban Center on the West Coast of North and America, at the intersection of Alaska Way and Siberia Avenue.  Crazy is, and Mary is alive, but not well.  Has me declaring the obvious. 
“Too Busy for dealing with you.” 
  “Have to go to work.” 
LOL.  “Let’s talk tomorrow.”


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  1. tiggers

    I think you should start charging for tours of this amazing brain of yours

    March 23, 2017