Plagiarise My Convictions






plagiarize my conviction










I struggle through the mind-map of issues.  Once quite certain what the nature of my life might be, now I know.  Uncertainty is straight ahead on the path now traveled.  I struggle to catch up and face myself.  Finally after so many years I realize what kind of person I am.  Difficult in the simplest way to express all of this, and so it is I think to plagiarizes the self-made picture of myself, and make some changes.  But then I think, plagiarize only happens when we copy other's idea or writing.  So I think,  the copy machine is dead.  We snap a web page  on the internet with our smart-phone, and   have an instant copy of another person’s material.  Read and then rearrange it in our mind, and reassemble.  Can’t imagine the ramifications of such things.  Big trouble, or no trouble at all.  Click.  Click.  And who is to say what kind of person I am, when fractured down the middle, becomes a well-rehearsed: “Stuck on the center-line, waiting to be hit.” 







Unravels the mystery of it all, waiting for demise based on something that appears in a blog.  It happens.  Depends on what state you are in, and if you have something others might want.  “Sue Him.”  She said.  And that states the issues of my existence in thumb-nail summary form.  Condense it down and go straight for the jugular vein.  Instant death or a lot of bleeding, and pleading for mercy.  In the end, I resign and accept my fate.  Plagiarize  one’s convictions and live or die with the change that occurs, as we mature and give more weight to the consequences of a simple act: blogging.  










Day in and month after month, passes quickly to many years of writing a daily or weekly essay.  Not the same as sitting down with a friend over tea, and listening, conversing and learning from such interaction.  Blog and comment, is different as we know from instant messaging.  Chat is phone or texting and is sharing.  Comment reading after a blog is written, and we find out what they think.  We can respond, but then again, we might not.   










Copy-cat society and when and where do we find the original?  Comment but then it seems on the other end, is a refusal to talk about the issues or details that really matter.  One-sided.  Self-centered and out in traffic, waiting to get hit.   







There was a time when it was novel.  Cut and Paste and easy to get the words out in front of me, for inspection.  Mine for the taking, as long as I keep it to myself.  Not an academic effort and I had no conscious sense of the consequences of my actions.  Blog.  Cut and Paste and then decide, can I improve on this, or just let it be.    Not sure if adding a picture changes the words I see.  In the end, it is a race to the center line.  Once there, not sure how long one can maintain the position.  Forces on both side rush by. 












 Movement in all direction, yet for your own survival, must remain perfectly still.  Let others decide your fate.  You made it this far.  You posted the blog.  Was it original and won’t be challenged as it stands, or does any of that really matter.  Comment and in public space, the rest is out of your immediate control.  Or so it seems.  







Out of Control.  Jelly Roll.  And I just eat it, and then complain when I get fat.  Is a decision based on past habits.  Roll with the Punch and too much sugar, no matter how you figure it.  Out of shape and makes havoc with the disciplined side of me.  To be safe and to get out of the traffic buzzing around us, do we need to cheat or as they say, “ invest in a hedge fund.”  And put our trust in market forces and money and the gold standard.  Seeking an easy way out, and he finds a busy New York Avenue, centers himself and watches as the yellow metal gets so close, he holds his breath.  “ One false move and it is over. “   Something he heard from a Viet Nam Veteran.  Declining standards make getting hit easier when standing on The Center Line in a stream of traffic.  New dangers come with AI and self-driven cars and bus and truck. 








Innocent thing to do in the 1960’s.  “Go stand in the corner. Time Out.”  And over the years all that became, Center Line Existence and too much information available and easy to reconstruct.  Somethings perhaps we need to avoid like the plague, and copy-cat like maneuvers will end up inside the detection machine, and there will be consequences.  There are varying types of plagiarism and one might need to be a scholar to discern what is and what is not.  Too much effort and not enough time, out in the real world, so we cut and paste and forget to give credit to the genius that came up with this in the first place.  Dishonesty and it seems to be all around me.  Off-the-shelf and ready to go, is how I find myself these days.  Have ambition but older now, so am brushed aside by the constant force of speeding objects, passing by.








Is difficult in modern times to determine, when to go and where to stay.  Don’t go there, has taken over my mind.  Have lost control and uncertainty at best is a hot cup of coffee on a cold winter’s day, and am not sure how much room to leave in the cup, for sugar and cream.  “Be sweet.”  She said.    Mainstream consciousness, and with a spoon to stir things up, is an immediate way to express displeasure.  Not simple like I want it to be.  Language and its being abbreviated now.  TBD.  LOL.  WTF.  Need an essential guide to basic understanding, and a strong instinct when to heed the warning:  “Don’t Go There.”  







Almost done with today’s minor topic and concern.  What to avoid.  The Plague.  What not to do:  Plagiarize.  Where to not stand:  The Center Line in Mainstream downtown traffic.  And that’s it.  Plagiarize my convictions,  hold your breath and take one step in any direction, and decide one way or another,  what is important now.  The original or the copy-cat version in a sea of change, which will I present as my signature move when uncertainty leaves me short of breath and I have but one more card to play:  All In.   




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