Ponder Rubber Stamp Bliss


Ponder Rubber Stamp Bliss
Not sure if this will be funny or just plain strange but making a good impression using a rubber stamp, and suddenly possibilities I didn’t know existed, become brazened right in front of me as I use words on the word wall like:   ponder.  Rubber stamp. And.  Bliss.  Brings to mind my objective, which is to make her laugh instantly when she catches sight of me and what I am doing.  Turns out I woke to question my very existence, and said to the children:  “I was wondering what people do on Martin Luther King Day.”
And the children laugh when I refer to White Fella celebrating Black Fella Day.  Funny or just plain strange, and wasn’t sure if I should repeat any of this in the blog I am writing.  This is how I start my day, and in the end have no idea what others think, but at least I bring the subject out in the open.  Not in America and what do people on the internet do to celebrate Martin Luther King Jr. Day?  Funny or just plain strange, am not sure.  Internet and we could be anywhere, so it comes down to the idea of a celebration spreading around the world because it appears in a blog that others are involved in such a thing.
Have no idea how the subject, Ponder Rubber Stamp Bliss, formulates in mind, nor what to expect with what appears, as a physical expression of a mental moment that comes to me as I awake and start my day.  Not sure how I am being influenced by an ideal order of what should be, when finding myself in an imperfect world, and it is cause for celebration.
Agents of bliss infiltrating the mind, and I wonder how I would dare to give voice and definition to such.  Seems to be a privilege of consciousness to be involved in this labor of love and happiness that comes when I finish my first cup of coffee and seem to perk up with enough energy to engage others in blog and conversation that all would find interesting and worth pursuing.  Random ponder and it has something to do with bliss and making her happy upon first moment in this new day. “Oh My”, if only life was so simple and she responded as I want her to.  Bountiful joy and eternal bliss, and I would like it if we could journey through the days of life, together and without difficulty.  Would be nice, but am unsure if this is realistic.  Rubber stamp all this and repeat it as often as one can:  “Be Happy.  Let’s celebrate.”
I am not sure where I am in this instance of unfolding thought, where I am compelled to ponder what comes next.  Fatal attraction and should I follow through and expand on the idea of you and I being united on the pretext of happiness and bliss?  Crazy to think that this possible, as gender difference explain the possibility in such divergent ways.  She wants to be with somebody who can make her laugh until her ribs hurt and she is head over heels with him.  That’s one choice, and he makes a different one.  He wants to laugh it off and get on with that which will keep them together, for better or worse, in sunny weather or its opposite, the tropical storm.  He sees it as no laughing matter and she sees it as the easiest way to her heart. “Make me laugh.”  She said.  And he walks.  “Where are you going?”  But there is no reply.  Later he posts this blog.  Ponder Rubber Stamp Bliss.  And she wonders:  “Not laughing now. 
 Should I go back to bed?”
Alone and lost in thought, he is starting to come to terms with why he writes on this particular subject on Martin Luther King Jr. Day in America.  Has something to do with being “black “  in Australia and in the U.S.A.  Is about cultural matters and one must be careful the words we use.  He says it one way.  She addresses the same issues but in a different style and manner of speech.  Neither is laughing, but wants instant bliss.  Ponder the usefulness of the reconciliation song and how others would go about such a situation.  Add the rubber stamp and spread it around.  Instant bliss.  Does it make them happy to celebrate Martin Luther King Jr. Day in America?  Alone and lost in thought, and he asks.  
“Should I just go back to bed?”
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  1. shemelts

    Word walls. “In the End, we will remember not the words of our enemies, but the silence of our friends.” MLK
    I celebrate in quiet contemplation.

    January 16, 2017
  2. This comment has been deleted