Say What You Will




Say What You Will





Thinking about being Jung @ Heart, scattered wisdom among the older ones among us.  Jung and was focusing on a cloudy day, with movement and a gust of wind, and I am distracted by my hat coming off.  Thankful I can keep my head, am grateful for what Jung and Freud have given, but feel with computer-aided voice over,  all I have to do is ask, and AI-machine on the table or desk will tell me all I need to know.  




Basic necessities like clothes and food and housing, and the rest is consumed by the basic instruction of the psychoanalysis.  Jung and Freud, which is like saying:  young and old and a ham sandwich is served.  Say What You Will is a lot like stream of consciousness conversation, that boils down to say whatever comes to mind, and somebody in an expensive suit with a degree or two, will make sense of it for you, and others.  Posted on social media and there is a lot going for the idea: 
Say  What You Will.






Thinking about the dynamics of young people needing two jobs and a couple of working wives or common-law mates to make budget.  Keeping up and who has time for self-monitor and fact-check.  Return home, or just do it on the mobile, and check social media.  Visuals are quick, and word saying is taken at face value, convert it to audio, even as it is written, and hear the parts that work for you.  Seems that it is an entertainment package made for those on speed dial.  Check in.  See what he said.  Wait 3 days and see that his advisers suggest,  what he said was partially true.  






And then by 7 days and Passover in a different direction, and we cross a different bride constructed of half-truths.  No time to keep up, and we check the boxes.  Say What You Will, in retrospect we can say,  “He won.  You didn’t.”   Following the pattern and logic for latch-key kids now old enough to vote, it is plain to explain and see.  He let himself in.  Mostly talking and we bought it.  Now he is ours.  And the inner censor starts, and there is more to this than what meets the eye.  Focus and Clarify, and be free to say,  “It is true.  Only 50% is correct or right.  We got a partial.”





You may be a princess and bell of the ball and on paper people will attend to you.  Obvious that you are next, and only if there is major change and internal world war, will the results turn against you and your dreams will shatter.  Is the Cinderella Story told in 2016 and made real for the current batch of voters.  Mind and Behavior and is not what we expected,  say what you will.






Recent experience and it is still loud in my ears, and the echo sets me back a step or two, but I am committed to continue going forward.  Say it now, and if it is wrong, ask for forgiveness and if you are still ailing at the end of the week.  There is church, and even if you say,  “It never crossed my mind.”  You will be forgiven.  Year around and I must fall in step, and even as I thought it would never happen,  I have a 50-50 chance of recovery and forgiveness.  Not that it is promised but is what has happened twice over in past experience.  Step on It.  Stop mid-sentence and complicated the message by adopting pig-latin as your second-language.  If that doesn’t work, outright lie.  





And then come back in a day or two, and say the complete opposite.  Play it day to day, and realize that most are too busy making simple commitments work, that fact-check just isn’t what it use to be, when newsprint journalism was the standard.  The old ways are no longer working in the day and age of grown-up and voting Latch-Key children.  I understand.  You are free to fire me, or fire at will, and some will go down and those that are standing when the shooting stops, say what you will, and if you are good at it,  might get elected to public office. Or land a mega-buck book deal and you can quit your 2nd job.  More than just being lucky.  It happens. Say What You Will.





Am thinking about my next product for those with money to spend.  Flash Cards For The Awesome.  Model them for mirror image replay, and when you turn the card around, you see yourself.  Made for TV, and a whole routine and script made to emulate me,  and not the masses.  People galore and they are expendable.  Revolving chairs played in real life, and it happens.  Disagree and see what happens next.  Half of his advisors are saying that most of it is watered-down and a lot of it is just incorrect and not true.  But then he moves on, and we retreat.  Slow on the trigger and slow to align our sights.  He moves on, but has mastered the art of getting eyes-on-him and free advertising.  






Mutual consent and we play along.  He is ours now.  No regret.  NO turning back.  Say what you will,  this is real.  Even before its official, we hear reports.  “Approval Rating Is Low.”  Tomorrow the camera will love him, and there will be a gala and lots of people attending.  Celebrate and Rejoice.  Feel good.  Living proof that we are now in contact with the other-side, it has come to fruition.  Your guy in the spotlight, and my guy is but something I said, and can’t take back.  Dismissed.  Interchangeable.





Now on the subject of free writing and free speech.  Blog and Stoney-guy for example.  Example 2, the guy that Tweets and is obsessive.  Needs constant new material.  One becomes another and this is what has been said.  Free writing and call it a blog or social media for the fast-lane people.  Is a means and way and technique in which a person writes continuously for a set period. One sentence becomes a paragraph about whatever comes to mind. Works on the fuel of time and idea that everybody has something to say, and the ability to say it with recorder and replay and mobile device.  Is automatic and indivisible, by the power of one to many and then repeated, is viral.  Say what you will and trust in the powers and ability to relay and convey it to a world out there, invisible to you.  




WE have the ability to do this.  Is a fact.  The mental and the quality of what you say or write does not matter.  The Act of Writing and The Act of Saying does.  Say What You Will.  Is but a style of interacting one-to-many on a street soon to be lifted to a higher power, airborne and self-driven and person-2-person, enabled by a keystroke.  Say What You Will, the experts say it will work.  And we will buy it.  Case in point.  He got elected.  Free Speech.  And surprise.  Surprise.  There is no return policy.




What You See Is What You Get.




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