Sumie Madness and Brush Off


Sumi-e Madness And Brush Off

I brought this book home and it was all about Japanese design and was leaning in the direction of artwork that might be seen as a fashion statement when used to make a traditional kimono.  And it was just yesterday that I was influenced to write about a semi-Japanese cultural theme.  Of course it takes more than just one look, or one book to make a proper statement about subjects that are at best remote distance learning items, and at best seen but not felt, as say it would be if you were preparing for your celebration to express one’s entry into Japanese Womanhood.
So now I am making another attempt to write about subjects foreign to me, but since I live on the West Coast of America, thinking I know all there is to know about all-things-Asian.  So will continue, and just say, “In my Japanese Period and will write.”  Brings me to the blog:  Sumi-e Madness  and is a bit of a stretch to suggest, “I have a friend and she is first generation Japanese.  We talk on the phone.  But she doesn’t read my blogs.”  With that, I will continue.
Sumi-e Society and have a few friends.  One happens to be Japanese and for privacy and common respect, I will give her the name:  Sumie.  Often we disagree.  Last time that happened, we brushed each other off, and decided to talk, but not meet face to face.  Is how I know that when East Meets West, it amplifies the message:  “Different Strokes For Different Folk.”  Takes a lot to keep a friendship going.  On and Off, and is individual choice that decides what it will be at any given time.  So last week it was a telephone call, and then we decided to meet and go for a ride in the car.  So we did that, and now it seems we are planning to meet for lunch, but first comes the reservation.  Best to make a reservation at a good restaurant.  “You aren’t taking me to a Pho Noodle Shop, are you?”  So that was my moment to suggest something better.  “Nah let do a 5-star where they have Asian Art, perhaps Sumi-e.
Of course I was thinking about a Bamboo Chinese Brush Painting motif that I had seen in a local Asian restaurant.  Difficult for me sometimes to keep the details straight, so I was thinking Japanese Art and basing what I know on a bamboo Chinese Brush Painting theme.  Not a good start, and needed to make some corrections.  Admit the error of my ways, and try to laugh it off that I was most ignorant about all things Japanese Art.
Of course, we were on the phone talking about all this, and she had this women’s sense that he was faking it.  “What are you suggesting, that we are going to a good Japanese Restaurant and then across the street to a Japanese or Asian Art Museum?”  Or are you thinking about taking me to a Japanese Event and Theater over at the University?”  And this is when I realized, Sumi-e Madness and Brush off was the next stroke that would or could  occur if I didn’t say all the right things in the next 5 minutes before she hung up on me.
“Not sure if that is what I was thinking.  Just wanted to see you and have a little fun.”
It has been a long time since I have been on a date.  And even longer that I have engaged in multi-cultural  Sumi-e Society interaction.  She knows it and says, “Study up.  Don’t take me to a Chinese Restaurant, let’s do Japanese.”  And this is when I realize it is not all the same.  There is a difference and now it is up to me.   Will take more than one book to bring me up to speed and make me ready.  Don’t need a debate about the difference between what is Japanese and what is Chinese and for sure, I don’t need to talk about North Korea.  Sophisticated conversation is what I seek with an old friend or maybe just a friendly conversation over food and drink.  But first she is right.  “Study up.  Call me back.  Surprise me.”
Here I am.  Not ready to make the call.  Working on the part that says I am getting my passion project off the ground with a great digital-reading experience.  Of course am aware at this time that being on the World Wide Web is not going to help me.  Can’t learn about these things, by frequenting online dating sites.  And multi-cultural is another dimension and obstacle I must overcome.  Can’t get by on good looks or throwing money around.  Drives a nice car.   Check.  Has a good job.  (Nope.  He’s retired now.)  Doesn’t live with his Mother.  Check.  Doesn’t know the difference between Chinese and Japanese are.  Check.  Check.  Checkmate.  Not sure this means the game is over.  “Just want to see you.  Have some fun.”  Is at the point where he needs priority support from the voice talking to him.  
 “Get smart.”
What to do or say next is just on the tip of his tongue.  Isn’t ready to present to her.  So he tries it out on his blog audience.  “Get smart.”  This is a great tip especially to those new to the blogosphere.  Short but very accurate information.  Many thanks for sharing this one.  A must read.  Stop talking.  Just pick out a nice place with good Japanese food and atmosphere, and make a reservation.  Congratulate yourself as you do self-speak and say, “You’ve got to be kidding me.  It is so transparently clear now.  How much about all-things Asian art and Japanese I have forgotten.  Let’s catch up.  Have a good dinner and a little fun. That’s what we should do.”
So in the end he does what he always does.  He books a flight to Tokyo for two and makes reservations at the best 5 star restaurant close to where they will be staying.  Congratulates himself for throwing money at the problem.  Now he calls her.  Tells her the key details of his big surprise.  Of course what comes next is a form of multi-cultural misunderstanding.  Silence.  East does not meet West.  “ When are you planning to do all this?”  It is all subject to confirmation.  Did it on the computer and have 10 days to cancel.  “Cancel.”  She said.  “I won’t be available.  Will tell you later why.”
And that is my blog for today.  Sumie Madness and Brush Off.  All done just after the 4th of July and the big fireworks show.  And now I am thinking, he needs to smarten up on all things Japanese and needs to know more about this lady.  But of course,  it is just what it is.  More silence.  A few more years pass, and yep.  He knows less and less.  Tis what aging does for you.  Is no secret.
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  1. tiggers

    Omg, yup that’s what I shall say with a small bravo … she smiles and says keep going …

    July 10, 2017