Transient Duty



Transient Duty
“Deny Everything.”
Then tomorrow change your mind, and move on.
Say.  “NEXT.”
And be done with it.  Why look back.  We all make mistakes. 
We are human.
Besides we must consider this:  Our time is a precious commodity.   
Choose Wisely.
Having said that, it is now up to others to spin their wheels and join in.  Life and spontaneous combustion, and a world-at-large that is feeding on itself, and devouring all that is, and social media is the dinner table.  “All Sit.”  As if it is a necessary habit of being and we must feed ourselves that which nourishes us.   Each is unique.  So nothing I say here actually applies.  But it is my duty, and I call it as I see it:  Transient Duty.  The responsibility of those passing through, but standing before you and waiting to be judged and processed by the system.  And so it goes.     
Transient.  Passing though.
“NEXT.”  What does it all mean?  And does it really matter.  Do I need to understand the term he is using, and what he wants me to take away from the conversation?
“Don’t Know.”     That is my answer and will repeat it as often as you persist.  Now time to go. 
 “Get out of my face.  
 Done here.  Done with  you.  Move on.”
And cites an example from two different sources, just in case there is still some confusion  or misunderstanding of his true intent and usage of the word:  Transient.
“The transient beauty of youth.”  Comes from something he read.  He thinks it might apply, but with so many opinions floating around, he can’t pinpoint the reason why.
And then another take on all of this.
We begin with deception.   A Gypsy chuckle.  A gadje man lured to spend money by his susceptibility to a pretty face.
Seems legitimate to me.  The transient beauty of youth and susceptibility to a pretty face, and when I write this I ask myself:  Just mentioned in passing during the opening stages of presenting a blog theme that might interest you, and I wonder:  
 Do I have A TRANSIENT DUTY or do I just do as I said I would in the beginning.
“Deny Everything.”    “Move on.”
Temporary in all phases and he knows:  Love Guides Us Through Our Journey.  Passionate movement and he seeks the best in the present moment.
Saying  once more.  “Ignore me.  I am just passing through.   Daily Blog.  No principal.  It is free.”  The Gypsy said to me.
Invisible now.  Not something I talk about, but have friends in low places and will tell you more.  Received a message and it said.  “…. Miss you.  Please write….”   And this became a reminder of necessity.
Friends in low places and must locate myself on this spinning planet.  Lower 48 States.  USA.  Main-land.  And Texas on the bottom where they talk. 
 “Build a wall.”   
But we all know we all receive the message differently.  

“Miss you.  Please write.”   And here I am doing my transient duty.  Words dirty and dangerous and when pinned down and held responsible it goes like this.
“Deny Everything.”  Plead for forgiveness.  And if they let you go, move on quickly.  Be invisible now.
It is important to not read too much into this.  She said.  “Please write.”
Transient Duty and he takes it seriously.  Write something a Gypsy might chuckle over.  But who knows as all of this begins with deception and is structured around misdirection.  

 Seems obvious, he is on something or as others might say,

 “On To Something.  Not sure what.”
As it happens there is no turning back.  We have read the blog this far and might as well look at the pictures and wait for the moment when we read:  
Fortified with Irony, is best not to complain.  Enjoy the moment and then go on, into your day and life and journey.  Has very little to do with me.  Except when the message is clear and he receives it.  “ Miss you.  Please write.”
Not sure that I have much more to say just now.  Primitive Twin and no replacement for two of a kind so different that even mother doesn’t know, which is which.  Too busy.  Have to talk to them and discover what’s on the inside, as they look identical on the surface, but once you get to know them and are down a level or two, is practical to ask: 
 “What was I thinking.”  
 Primitive Twins, never the same.
And we move on.  “Damn Him.”   “Stop talking about building a fence and walling us out.  We are on the move.  Stop us if you can.”  And from the rear we hear a laugh.
“Just do it.”
Comes with a promise too good to be true.  “Gypsy on the Moon.  And in our hearts.”
Transient Duty and we move on.  Looking for a sign. 
 Benevolent Creation and Resting Place.  
   Call it: “Love.”
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  1. EyeVey

    I feel like you’re walking above a battlefield spreading love.

    February 22, 2017