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what's in a name
It is a good ( nature ' d )  inquiry and he means no harm, when he brings up the subject:  What is in a name ?, and goes further to extend that to the words we use to detail name and naming and meaning, and clarification.  Politics of Naming and what does a 4 year old call this and that, and how as parents do we help them with objects and talking about them, and the names we use to keep things understandable?  So much we could address under the heading:  Names.  And so today he sets his sights on talking about it.  
 What’s In A Name?
Soliloquy Analysis.  Romeo and Juliet.  Shakespeare and the old traditions of names and meaning and using certain words in print to explain everything, and must tread lightly as I proceed, but first thoughts come to me.  Modern times and 19th century and standards might not apply in the Internet Age.  Things like, "A rose by any other name would smell as sweet" and we are back where it all started.  William Shakespeare using dialogue in a play to explain to others, the point he is making in creating plot and characters and using certain and specific words and references to get our attention and praise for his ability in his chosen field of endeavor. 
 What’s in a name, comes up when Juliet is prevented from having sex or babies or interaction with a boy, and a reason is given.  The boy has the wrong name.
And then, Juliet must defer any interaction with the dude.  Juliet comes back with something that brings all of this into the conversation.   name is meaningless and having a certain name, should not prevent the natural occurrence of things to happen.  This seems to be Juliet’s line of thinking.  And who can say what name we should assign to a certain object, and what is the true meaning hidden in the naming process?  This opens up a whole can of worms and other problems and has me scratching my head.  All this comes up because of the term:  Obama-Care to describe the health care system being used in America in 2017.  Is bewildering, and begins with a name and after that, well it will take more space than this blog has on this day, to sort it out.
Not sure we should name a national health program after the president who was in office when the program was first originated and put into law.  Obama Care and the media loved it.  Easy to say and short.  And from that point on, giving something a name,  in this instance, becomes serious business.  A name and at first I think,  its just a label and a convention for differentiating one thing from another.  But then, I realize this will be difficult for me to explain, and am not a Shakespearian scholar or one who can remember a name.
Takes me seven years to learn a name of somebody I am introduced to and expected to interact with.  So I go with shortcuts and nicknames and memes for recall and memory efficiency.  “Forgot your name.  Who are you?  Why are we talking?  What may I do for you today?”  And that is Stoney and his position on the importance of a name and what comes next.  “He forgets.”  Renames things for his own purposes. 
Then moves on.  Takes seven years before he gets it all and uses it properly and as others expect.  Is why he likes the Internet.  Everything is distant and in place, and he is safe from a clout on the head, if he gets a name wrong.  Anonymous and Pseudo and Alias and Nickname and floating world objects and names.  Its all there and in the modern name, he wonder’s:  What is the significance of a name and the process we use to derive it, and after something is named, what is expected and if done improperly, does it matter?
This is a week of changes for stoney blogger.  In America,  from the top down, a new crew is being installed to run things.  New names to learn.   And is why he brings it up.  “What’s in a name?”   What does any of this have to do with me.  Making a good impression and giving the impression that I am smart and belong, and you should pick me.    
Well,  all of that is unnecessary when its like a Shakespearian Show and is used to entertain or at some level, to educate the world and its’ people about the power of words and names and all that happens, when object X ( Obama Care )  is given a name and we are expected to play along with the naming authority and say “No.”, when asked:  “Are there any questions?”  And when you have that blank look and remain silent, the next question is directed at you as if you are staring down the barrel of a loaded gun. 
 “Is there a problem?”
So what is next?  Give something a name, and then what?  "A rose by any other name would smell as sweet"  Week of changes for Stoney and all around is news, about the transition from  A to Z.  That pretty much spells it out.  The name.  The situation.  The future.  Well, maybe.  I guess it comes down to be quite simple if you are just an observer.  Respect the situation and the names people are using to explain the changing nature of things.  Simple if you are Stoney Blogger.  
What he writes is for his personal journal.  Is his simple way of keeping up with others, The Jones for example, until they change their name and he is expected to keep up with all that might imply and impose on him or her, depending on the gender of Stoney.  Anyway,  anonymous and he keeps it simple.  Doesn’t want anything from you.  Doesn’t need your money or a job in the new administration.  Is content to sell and barter and negotiate his existence.   He keeps it simple.  Makes tea out of rose leaves and petals.  Drinks the water and mixes it with Rose and rose, and comes up with a solution.  Name it.  If you need further clarification.  But now comes the best part.  
Don’t name it Obama Care.  That dude is gone.  No longer the authority for what we say or do or call things.  What’s in a name?  Stoney is too busy to consider this and the complexity.  So he says, “Call me Stoney.  I Can be your friend.”   But even as he says this, is quite aware:  Other’s are asking.  “Who is stoney?  Do I care?”
Clicks on a shortcut combination.  Obama Care.  Stoney Care.  Deselected.  And the mainstream moves along.  Nobody asking,  “What’s in a name?”  Too busy with all the changes.  For the moment.  Just don’t care.  Check back next week.  Perhaps then, will be singing a different tune.  Not sure.
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Comments (2)

  1. GoldenPig2012

    Not a fucking thing worth knowing. A name, a label, whatever. I HAVE a four-year old, he’s my fifth four-year old…………my name is Mom, anything else doesn’t matter. My mom taught me that, too…………..it doesn’t matter what you are called by anyone, including yourself, what matters is who you ARE, what you try to do in life, whether it comes to fruition or not. We name things because it helps us to get across about whom or what we are speaking, but, chuckle, don’t buy into that name, label, definition if it doesn’t match who you are or what you hope to be.

    January 19, 2017
    1. stonehead

      wow. I am 100% into what GoldenPig2012 just said here. I was afraid to say it, that way in mixed company. Net. World Wide. Etc. Etc. So I beat around the bush. Expanded by this comment, I take a deep breath and say, "Did my job. "

      January 19, 2017