Wind of a Hostage Moon


Wind of a Hostage Moon
Working my way across the quad, is what I called it when in college.  Those days are gone, but still have certain things in mind that still help guide me through my day.  Quad, or grid or maze, and he operates in a purple haze and doesn’t really think about Prince and MIA celebrity that just isn’t around until we hit on-demand replay and there they are.  Music and visuals and lights and action.  Is how it comes to me as I work my way into today’s theme for today’s blog effort. 
Did come to mind early in my staging of this event, that ‘… if you can’t play nice and be safe and non-threatening when in the presence of others, stay home.”  Now that is being said at an executive level, and seems others are treating this as if it’s a brand new thought and way of looking and doing things.  It is not, at least not in my neighborhood.  So will walk around and take notice of how others are dealing with these top-down notions coming our way, for orienting ourselves and playing in the sandbox of life, world-wide. 
For me, I will summarize it as the wind, now blowing  hot and cold.  Put a stamp on it, and register it as The Wind of a Hostage Moon.  Then sit back, partially satisfied, but know there is more to say on the subject and follows this blog into more white space.  And the world as I know it revolves around the sun, with the wind and moon in subordinate positions.  Is how I see it, as I walk across the quad.
Not sure if this has anything to do with a cooling earth, or about hot-springs giving off steam as new elements surface.  Top-down spin around the planet and is like a new toy given its few moments of your time, until the novelty of it all wears off, and you put it down and move on to some other form of instant gratification.  Said and done.  “Let’s go for a walk.  Join me if you will. Coffee for those who endure and stay with me. “
Not sure how serious I am with all of this.  First days and is like washing the new car endlessly, until you realize you have a license, but no insurance and are going nowhere until the devil in the details and there is release into the mainstream, where everybody operates as a legal.  Not sure what that means, as the rules for engagement are changing hourly, and day after day. 
Once said,  top guy changes his mind and verbiage and spin, and brings me to how I have balanced all of this in my daily environment and routine.  Treat it all as Wind of a Hostage Moon and wait for it all to reach me, one way or another.  Eventually man will go into space and when appropriate, learn how to deal and survive the new conditions found around the body of mankind.  First Days.  Washing The Car.  Going nowhere.  No insurance.  No valid visa or travel permit.  Sounds familiar.  Not really.  Wash the car.
It is a new day.  Woke to the happiness of being alive.  New possibility, or possibly just going to work and following through with scheduled commitments. Alive and he repeats the mantra he lives by.  “Movement is life.”  And doesn’t hesitate to embellish all of this,  to show improvement and positive reaction to progressive change.  Wants to talk about the wind of a hostage moon, and do so such that those around him show a little interest.  Sees it as an extension of Marshall McLuhan’s teachings when he was back in school, sitting at the master’s feet, taking it all in and making of it what he could.  Limited and it was new.  “The media is the message.” 
And that was 1960 and before computers and the world-wide-web and dancing on the surface without actually being earth-bound.  Technology and we began to rise.  Before going to the moon, but even so:  technology leading the way and we learned as best we could about the wind of a hostage moon and the space-station that aero-space community was putting on the drawing board.  So showed interest in all things new, and when the top guy said, “Media is the message.  Let’s Tweet.”
Now is a new day.  They took the Tweet away and in its’ place comes an executive order.  “If this is you, go home or go away, until you can learn to play nice.”  And for emphasize adds, “Not in my backyard.”  So sounds like wind of a hostage moon making its presence known, and has me thinking, “Do I need a coat?”
Sounds like we are choosing to do a case by case approach to movement.  “Movement is Life.”   I said as part of my statement of purpose as this day revealed itself to me.
Now I am starting to figure it out.  How would it be, if I was you?  But is too complicated in this days’ version of media spin and planet that is in the air, and if you don’t like it,  you can book a trip, but uncertain now, what happens when they say, “Everybody else, but not you.”  And this is how you know,  gonna have a bad day, and nobody wants to be you.  Or so it seems.  When it is happening to you, and nobody seems to want to address the situation.  Wind of a Hostage Moon.


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  1. tiggers

    I always enjoy taking time away from the site and coming back to read your blogs

    January 29, 2017